New Epic Boons for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Derek Holland

Official boons used as rewards for 20th-level characters are very generic. Following are some new and more exciting examples that apply to specific classes, races, backgrounds, and alignments.

By Class

Boon of the Hidden Path- Barbarians, druids, ancient oath paladins and rangers do not leave tracks or trails unless they wish to.

Boon of Destruction- Barbarians do triple damage to inanimate objects. The weapon must be of a stronger material than the object to be damaged or destroyed, otherwise the weapon will break first.

Boon of Survival- Barbarians, fighters and rangers no longer need food, water and air.

Boon of Force- Fighters knock back all foes struck with melee weapons. The distance is 1d10 feet for a Large creature, 2d10 for a Medium creature or 3d10 for a Small or smaller creature. Falling damage applies to those who are thrown ten feet or farther.

Boon of Magical Arms Mastery- Fighters can attune on additional weapon or other offensive magic item.

Boon of Warfare- Fighters can man siege weapons as if they were an entire crew. They can also jury-rig repairs, restoring 1d10 hit points per minute of work.

Boon of Beast Mastery- Fighters can subdue beasts of any challenge rating with their bare hands. This does 1d8 points of damage (plus strength bonus) per hit and when the beast is reduced to zero hit points, it submits to its new master. The fighter can only have one subdued beast at a time.

Boon of True Sight- Rangers can see known foes through cover, including opaque surfaces such as walls. This does not affect the ranger’s combat ability.

Boon of Trail Blazing- Rangers and druids triple their overland speed when in wilderness areas and double in rural areas while on foot. This has no effect on their movement in combat.

Boon of the Beast- Rangers and druids get one trait from a specific beast. This follows all the standard rules that apply to that trait. Which beast depends on how the boon is obtained.

Boon of Protection- Paladins gain an Aura of Defense. It provides +1 to armor class to all allies within 30’.

Boon of (Energy Type)- Paladins gain an Aura of Energy. All allies’ weapons do an additional 1d6 points of radiant damage and are considered magical. The aura is 10’ in diameter.

Boon of Prowess- Paladins gain an Aura of Power. All allies within 30’ can jump triple their normal distance and run twice their normal speed while on foot. This only applies when they are headed into battle or are in combat.

Boon of Sharing- All casters can donate spell slots to others of the same class and subclass by touch. This only works on slots of levels 1-5 and can be done once. A long rest refreshes this.

Boon of Simple Magic- Casters can change the casting time for 1 cantrip to 1 bonus action or 1 reaction. This spell can be changed with a long rest.

Boon of Shape Mastery- Druids can wildshape into plant, magical beast, elemental and dragon forms. All other rules for wildshaping still apply.

Boon of Communication- Druids can speak to mundane (i.e. non-monstrous) animals and plants at will.

Boon of Adaptation- Druids can adapt to extreme environments such as ocean abyssal planes, the sky, solid clouds, asteroids, microverses, airless moons and other planes of existence. This takes 1 week to complete and then the druid can use all of their class features as normal.

Boon of the Earth- Druids can raise menhirs from natural ground that grant more spell slots and then crumble to the ground. The menhir is treated as a Wall of Stone 20’ high by 10’ wide and deep. It lasts for 10 minutes and gives the druid an additional slot of levels 1-4 (i.e. they gain 4 slots total). This can be done once and then is refreshed with a long rest.

Boon of Herb Mastery- Druids can conjure mystical herbs. The effect is permanent, allowing the character to use the herbs in spells and for magical uses. The exact effects are up to the DM.

Boon of Lifebringing- Druids can create long lasting oases. It requires an hour-long ritual, affects and area with a 60’ diameter and the player with DM approval selects the resulting habitat. The oasis created lasts for 6d12 years or until it is purposefully destroyed. Increasing the ritual’s cast time to a day increases the area affected to a mile in diameter and the duration to 1d4 centuries.

Boon of Spell Control- Sorcerers select 3 cantrips and can apply metamagic on them without using sorcery points. The specific form of metamagic is selected at the time of casting and can not cost more than 2 sorcery points normally. This boon can be used 3 times and then is refreshed with a long rest.

Boon of Spell Conversion- Sorcerers can convert sorcery points into 6th level spell slots.

Boon of Insanity- Chaos sorcerers can increase the duration of wild surges five fold if they so desire.

Boon of Matter Mastery- Chaos sorcerers can modify the appearance of magic items. This has no effect on their effects or abilities; lasts up to an hour (concentration) and the alternate form must be of the same mass as the item.

Boon of Understanding- Chaos sorcerers can alter their own alignment. Their morals (Good or Evil) must remain the same, but they can select any ethics (Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic) they wish. Or the reverse, which ever the player selects when this boon is gained. This lasts for 8 hours, reverts when the sorcerer falls asleep and refreshed with a long rest.

Boon of Item Empowerment- Chaos sorcerers can recharge magic items using their own slots. Each charge costs one slot of the same level as the spell mimicked. This can be done at will.

Boon of Fungal Dominance- Chaos sorcerers can cause fungal spores to grow, forming a very strange wall made of fungal tissue. It is 50 plus 3d6 feet long by 2d4 feet deep by 4d4 feet tall. Treat is as hard wood, including how flammable it is. This can be done once and then refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of Breath Control- A draconic sorcerer can select which objects he affects with his breath weapon. Those he wishes to avoid harm take no damage.

Boon of the Fire Blessing- A draconic sorcerer becomes immune to the energy type of his dragon ancestor. Also when he is exposed to such energy, he regains a number of hit points equal to the number of damage dice. He can heal this way only once per short rest.

Boon of Mystical Blood- A draconic sorcerer can detect magical auras, including those of monsters, within 60’.

Boon of Wyrmling Dominance- A draconic sorcerer can Command a wyrmling of the type of his dragon ancestor. This works as the spell but does not require a spell slot. The sorcerer can do this at will.

Boon of Superior Flight- A draconic sorcerer can fly at twice his base speed when using his dragon wings.

Boon of Serrated Claws- A draconic sorcerer grows claws that do 1d6 points of damage. If the sorcerer is attacking an opponent wearing armor, he may decide to damage the armor instead without penalty to his attack roll.

Boon of Dragon Sleep- A draconic sorcerer can cure him self of non-magical diseases simply by getting eight hours of sleep. Magical diseases may or may not be affected depending on the DM’s call.

Boon of Dragon Blood- A draconic sorcerer can use his blood to make a potion that gives immunity to his dragon ancestor’s energy type. The potion costs 1000 gold pieces in additional reagents, takes one minute to brew properly and lasts for one hour. The potion remains viable for 24 hours and then becomes inert. The sorcerer can do this once per long rest.

Boon of Razor Wings- A draconic sorcerer can use his wings to make a melee attack. It is treated as a second weapon using the two-weapon fighting rules but it does not require the sorcerer to use a light weapon in hand. The wings do 1d8 points of damage.

Boon of Armored Wings- A draconic sorcerer can use his wings to ward off blows. This is treated as a Shield spell that can be used once per turn without requiring a spell slot.

Boon of the Dragon's Senses- A draconic sorcerer gains the senses of its ancestor. The character gains a bonus of one half that of the adult version of its dragon ancestor to his Perception skill (rounding up). For example a sorcerer with a black dragon ancestor would have a +6 (half of +11 rounded up) bonus to his skill.

Boon of Dragon's Wealth- A draconic sorcerer gains the ability to tell the value of non-magical objects down to the copper piece. This takes one minute and requires the character to be within 10’ of the object appraised.

Boon of the Master's Hand- Warlocks can conjure an avatar of their patron. The statistics, personality and behavior of said avatar is to be determined by the DM. This should be done only in times of need, lest the patron become angry and withdraw the warlock’s granted powers.

Boon of the Master's Servant- Warlocks gain a patron’s servant as an ally. The creature can be no more than CR 5 and can be called at any time for an unlimited duration. It is intelligent and does not automatically obey the warlock.

Boon of the Master's Form- Warlocks change to their patron’s monster type.

Boon of the Master's Home- Warlocks can teleport groups of people to his patron’s home plane or other location. It affects up to five targets and each can make a Wisdom save to negate the effect.

Boon of the Master's Thirst- Warlocks can sacrifice the foes of their patron to obtain more spell slots, including those over 5. A ten-minute ritual results in one slot equal to the victim’s CR/2. In combat this is CR/3.

Boon of the Master's Name- Warlocks are alerted when someone who means to harm the patron’s agenda speaks their patron’s name within 1 mile. The speaker’s appearance and location are granted to the warlock. If they can respond to this alert, the warlock is expected to do so. Otherwise the patron may withdraw some of the warlocks granted powers for a time.

Boon of Hidden Knowledge- Wizards and tome warlocks can change the appearance of their spell books to anything of similar mass. The book can not be read or used for rituals if they are in a non-book form. The change lasts until the caster wills the book to revert to normal or Dispel Magic is used by an enemy spell caster (treat this as a 7th level spell).

Boon of Rituals- Wizards can designate three spells up to level 5 as rituals.

Boon of Ritual Mastery- Wizards can cast two spells as rituals simultaneously. The casting time is 10 minutes plus the normal casting time of the two spells combined.

Boon of Apathy- Wizards can set up Wards of Disinterest. The area affected is either a 30’ diameter plot of land or one building. Those who do not have business with the wizard must make a Wisdom save to enter the area. A ward that affects a plot of land lasts for 8 hours. A ward that affects a building; lasts for a year or until the wizard permanently abandons it. Wards of Disinterest can be dispelled (treat it as a 9th level spell).

Boon of Combat Magic- When a wizard gets a critical hit with one of their spells:

-         Abjurers, necromancers and transmuters reduce the target’s armor class by 2 for 1d4+1 rounds. The necromancer does this by animating the target’s skin/hair/horn/other non-living component and making it move enough to disrupt the target’s defenses.

-         Diviners sense the target’s next action.

-         Conjurers surround the foe with flammable goo that lasts for 1d4+1 rounds. If ignited, the goo causes 2d6 points of damage and burns off in one round.

-         Evokers add one additional damage die (so two total).

-         Illusionists blind or deafen (player’s choice) the target for 1d4+1 rounds.

-            Enchanters frighten the target for 1d4+1 rounds.

Boon of Immunity- Abjurers become immune to one energy type. The form of energy is selected by the DM, thought the character will know which one as it relates to how the boon was obtained.

Boon of the Shield- Conjurers have +2 to their armor class and saving throws against conjured creatures.

Boon of Monster Modification- Conjurers can add a template to the creatures they conjure. This only affects one creature if multiple ones are conjured at the same time.

Boon of Future Understanding- Diviners add or subtract 1d6 to one of their portent dice. This refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of Senses- Diviners automatically detect one monster type when such a creature comes within 300’. If the caster is naturally asleep, they automatically awake. The monster type is determined by how the boon was obtained.

Boon of Distant Reading- Diviners can determine the contents of scrolls and other magical writing up to 60’ away. This has no effect on magical traps hidden in the writing (i.e. the caster is still affected).

Boon of ESP- Enchanters can read surface thoughts at will in anyone within 90’. Those making a Wisdom saving throw shield their thoughts from the wizard.

Boon of Intoxication- Enchanters and transmuters gain an addictive touch. Those in physical contact with the character are subjected to a Suggestion to stay near and obey the wizard unless they make a Constitution save. This lasts for 24 hours. The touch can be used once and then is refreshed with a short rest.

Boon of Facination- Enchanters and druids draw beasts that watch them in fear, fascination or awe. Every day the character draws 1d6 CR worth of creatures of the beast type. How many, which species and how useful they are is up to the DM.

Boon of Calm Waters- Enchanters gain access to Anti-Emotion Shell. This 9th level spell suppresses all emotions in a 60’ diameter area, excludes creatures based on emotion and lasts for an hour. It can be used once and then refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of Mindwashing- Enchanters can permanently change the alignment and personality of another creature. The target must have a challenge rating equal or less than the caster’s level and gets a Wisdom saving throw to negate the effect. This has no effect on celestials, fiends and other monster types determined by the DM. This can be done once and then is refreshed with a long rest.

Boon of Flames' Scars- Evokers can permanently reduce the maximum hit points of one target by 1d6 points using an energy based attack spell. This represents the destruction of flesh. This can be done once and then is refreshed with a short rest.

Boon of Memory- Illusionists gain perfect recall. This gives them advantage when attempting to fool others with illusions based on the caster’s previously experiences.

Boon of Dream Matter- Illusionists can transform real objects into illusions. One complete object no larger than a 5’ cube can be affected. It remains an illusion for up to 1 minute and then reverts to normal. This can be done three times and then is refreshed with a short rest.

Boon of Dominance over the Living- Necromancers can cast Animated Dead upon unconscious creatures, hijacking their bodies. The resulting creatures have normal zombie stats, act like skeletons and are freed by clerical turning. They are treated as normal undead for the number that can be controlled by the caster simultaneously.

Boon of Enhanced Undead- Necromancer’s animated undead (i.e. skeletons and zombies) have one of the following: +3 armor class, +20 speed, resistance to one form of energy, +4 Dexterity or immunity to turning while controlled by the caster (and others with this boon). The undead only gain this upon animation and it can not be changed thereafter. If the undead are freed from control, they retain the enhancement given to them by their creator.

Boon of Spiritual Mastery- Necromancers can cast Raise Dead once. The recipient is weakened by the experience and permanently loses two levels. This is refreshed with a long rest.

Boon of Plague's Blessing- Necromancers become carriers for non-magical diseases. This only applies to one disease, which is determined when the boon is obtained. The wizards are immune to the diseases’ effects and can select when they are infectious.

Boon of Splicing- Transmuters can splice two unlike objects, permanently attaching them. Separating such joined objects will result in the destruction of both.

Boon of Flesh Mastery- Transmuters can heal lethal wounds by transferring flesh and blood from another part of the victim’s body. Only those wounds that reduce the target to less than 0 hit points are affected, each hit point healed costs one physical ability point (STR, DEX, CON) and this can only raise the target’s current hit points to 1. The ability score heals at a rate of one per hour. This healing requires an action and can be done at will.

Boon of Distant Laws- Transmuters can replicate planar traits. The caster must have visited the plane to be replicated and suffered or benefited from the effect (see DMG for planar effects). The area affected is 120’ in diameter and the effect lasts for 8 hours (concentration). If the caster leaves the area, the effect ends. This can be done once and then a long rest refreshes.

Boon of Avarice- Transmuters can increase the value of objects affected by Major Transformation, to a maximum of 500 g.p. per use (i.e. +500 g.p.). This can be used once and then is refreshed with a long rest. This long rest is separate from the long rest needed to restore the transmuter’s stone.

Boon of Creation- Transmuters, druids, necromancers and lore bards can create permanent CR 0 creatures from corpses or soil. It is up to the DM to determine if any of these creatures can later grow into more powerful individuals (i.e. the initial creations are young).

Boon of the Free Mind- Any caster loses the concentration requirement of one spell. The spell is part of the reason the boon is obtained (i.e. the DM selects which one) and this can not be changed only by divine intervention.

By Race

Boon of the Glowing Sea- Dwarves can walk (not run) on lava and magma without harm. This protects them and their gear only.

Boon of Earthen Flesh- Dwarves can selectively petrify parts of their bodies. Their off arm can be used as a shield, poison and disease can be stopped in its tracks if the contaminated wound is turned to stone and whole body transformations provides a +4 to most saving throws (DM’s determination). If the head is petrified, the dwarf is blinded, mute and deafened until it is returned to flesh. If the stone flesh is damaged, it must be repaired with healing spells, otherwise the damage will carry over when it reverts to normal. This can be done at will but the transformation takes one round.

Boon of Endurance- Dwarves and stout halflings have advantage against effects that cause exhaustion.

Boon of Caging Spirits- Elves can build cages that lure and capture minor nature spirits. Constructing the cage costs nothing and takes an hour. Usually a spirit is caught between one and ten hours after the trap is set. The elf can get a minor favor, such as basic information, from the spirit automatically. Anything more requires Charisma (persuasion) check with a DC of 8+ the spirits CR. A failure results in a hostile spirit that may or may not call its allies.

Boon of Dark Illusions- Drow can create visual illusions that can be detected only with darkvision. When they cast an illusion spell they can select which version they desire.

Boon of Air Walking- Elves can walk (not run) on air at will. They can not transfer this ability to others by any means.

Boon of Elven Magic- High elves gain an enhanced version of the Magic Initiate Feat, gaining one 2nd level and one 3rd level spell in addition to the feat’s normal rules.

Boon of Mystical Traps- Wood elves can build magical traps in wilderness areas. Anyone or thing that comes within contact with the object that holds the spell sets of the trap. The spell can be no more than 3rd level. The elf must have the ability to cast the spell or have it on a scroll. Once the trap is triggered, it resets itself after 24 hours. If the spell is used with a mechanical trap, only the spell resets.

Boon of the Green Form- Wood elves can permanently turn foes into ordinary plants. The process takes 10 minutes, the character or creature to be transformed must be bound or willing and can make a Wisdom saving throw to negate the effect (DC is 8 + the elf’s proficiency bonus + elf’s Wisdom modifier). The plant form is selected by the elf, must be non-magical and may be no larger than Huge.

Boon of the Sky's Blessing- Wood elves can trance while exposed to most weather. Snow, rain and gales are acceptable, lightning and hail not so much.

Boon of the Green Mount- Wood elves can transform plants into mounts or working beasts. This is a process takes an hour and the plant becomes permanently animated. It gains the statistics of an existing creature used as a mount (PH p. 157) with any limitations the DM imposes.

Boon of Earthen Trees- Wood elves can transform wood so that it permanently has the strength of mithral. This process takes 24 hours and requires 1000 gold pieces of mystical herbs per pound of wood affected.

Boon of Natural Understanding- Forest gnomes sense subtle ripples when the forest is disrupted. The time it takes for the cause to be felt is usually between minutes and a week depending on the distance. The gnomes learn if the disruption is a natural disaster or something else, but nothing beyond that and its direction.

Boon of Toys- Rock gnomes can jury-rig items that have the power of cantrips. The character gets a selection of 3 spells to choose from. Each object takes an hour to build, costs 50 gold pieces, weights at most one pound and can be used 10 times before it falls apart. The gnome can have no more than 3 such items on hand, one for each spell.

Boon of Curse Removal- Gnomes and elves can strip curses out of magic items. This process takes between 1 and 6 months depending on the strength of the curse and costs 1000 gold pieces per month. The character must make a Wisdom save (DC 20) and failure results in all of the item’s enchantment being removed.

Boon of the Machine- Gnomes grow machine parts in their bodies that partially replace vital organs. This provides Advantage to CON saves. If the parts are removed, they can be recycled to enhance constructs and other non-biological machines. The gnome loses the Advantage to its saving throws until the machine parts grow back in 2d4 weeks.

Boon of Spirit Capture- Gnomes and necromancers can slay beasts and capture their spirits in specially created crystals. The gemstone must cost at least 1000 gp X CR (yes that means most will cost less than 1000) and the ritual takes 24 hours. The gnome can then place the gem on constructs and take control. The construct makes a Wisdom save and if successful the gem drops off and the effect is negated. Even though the gnome can command a controlled construct, the beast mind still takes the directions and the result may be not exactly what the player wants from time to time. Necromancers can use their gems to take control of undead or as material components for spells.

Boon of the Earth's Shivers- Lightfoot halflings can hide from tremorsense and keen senses, negating both traits.

Boon of the Troll- Orcs and half-orcs can wild shape into trolls. They regenerate any damage they have taken, even that which was not inflicted upon them in troll form. This lasts for 10 minutes and refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of Blood Discovery- Half-orcs can create maps showing the location of lairs using the blood of one of its inhabitants. This takes 10 minutes and provides a rough sketch of the lair’s location and its surroundings. This ability can be blocked by spells and effects that defeat divination spells.

Boon of Ruin- Half-orcs can ruin objects by touch. Use the same rules as the rust monster but apply it to all DM approved materials.

Boon of Dominance over the Sky- Half-orcs can ignore mundane weather effects. This includes tornado strength winds, hail and lightning.

Boon of Venom- Half-orcs gain a venomous bite that affects elves and other fey only. It does 1d8 points of damage and the target is poisoned for one hour. There is no saving throw.

Boon of the Brain Eater- Orcs and half-orcs can absorb memories by consuming brains. Each brain provides either the desired information or 2d4 random memories if the orc isn’t looking for something specific. Whole brains must be eaten raw, otherwise the process fails, and toxic creatures may have poisonous brains.

Boon of Contamination- Half-orcs can taint the land so that only food fit for orcs grows. The ritual takes 24 hours and one square mile is affected. The animals that consume the plants that grow there become noxious to anyone except orcs and half-orcs, providing no sustenance for others. This can only be reversed with a Wish or divine intervention (druids rely on the latter).

Boon of the Rebel- Half-orcs gain points of Strength by slaying Eyes of Gruumsh (see MM). Each one slain provides a number of points equal to their CR, to a maximum of 24. These points last for 1 hour. [This is for the half-orcs who rebel against their orc kin.]

Boon of Fire Feeding- A tiefling can replace food and drink with fire. The character becomes immune to fire damage and 10 minutes of exposure to flames will sustain the tiefling as if they had three meals.

Boon of Elemental Health- All gensai can use their element as food and drink.

Boon of Odors- Air genasi can permanently alter the odor of an object or location (10’ cube). Noxious odors can be no more pungent than Stinking Cloud. Dispel Magic ends this effect.

Boon of Mineral Senses- Earth gensai can sense all minerals within 120’.

Boon of Feeding the Fire- Fire genasi can select on non-flammable material and burn it with non-magical and magical flames as if was paper. The DM may restrict this to mundane materials only.

Boon of Erosion- Water gensai can erode stone by touch. This does 2d4 points of damage per round. They can also create stone via deposition with existing mineral fragments such as dust, sand and silt. This creates up to 50 gold pieces worth of minerals per round, depending on the raw materials used. In either case this can be used up to 10 rounds and then is refreshed with a short rest.

By Background

Boon of the Spark of Life- Anyone with the Acolyte background draws on their faith and strengthens their body. This doubles their proficiency bonus for saving throws against all diseases and poisons.

Boon of the Cloak of Light/Mist/Darkness- Anyone with the Acolyte background can summon light, mist or darkness (which depends on their alignment) for protection if they are unarmored. The character is then treated as wearing chain mail that has no weight.

Boon of Mimicry- Anyone with the Charlatan background can use the Deception skill to convince non-humanoids that the character is a member of their species. This is not an illusion, but rather a mind affecting phantasm.

Boon of the Animist- Anyone with the Charlatan background can use the Deception skill to convince traps not to go off when the character or their ally attempts to bypass them. The DM’s call on is this affects mechanical, magical or both forms of traps.

Boon of the Hidden Nature- The alignment of anyone with the Charlatan background can not be detected by any spell less than 9th level.

Boon of the Bridge Seller- Anyone with the Charlatan background can anything for any amount the DM allows with a successful Persuasion check.

Boon of the Unusual Ally- Anyone with the Criminal Background gets an alien, planar, aberration or other sort of contact. Such a contact can provide the character an unusual source for travel, goods or fencing.

Boon of Escape- Anyone with the Criminal background escape non-magical shackles and other forms of binding automatically.

Boon of the Crime Lord- Anyone with the Criminal background gains 4 vassals who pay for the privilege of working for the character. These vassals have a level of 2d4+4 and also have the Criminal background. Class, race, etc. is determined by the player and approved by the DM. If a vassal is slain, they will be replaced in 1d4 days.

Boon of Secret Visions- Anyone with the Spy background can see through walls and other surfaces. Treat this as a Ring of X-Ray Vision and requires concentration.

Boon of the Diplomat- Anyone with the Entertainer background learns how to enthrall one monster type. Such creatures will treat the character as one of their own unless they are harmed or otherwise mistreated. Such creatures can ignore the effect with a Wisdom saving throw (DC equal to the character’s Charisma score). Mindless creatures such as zombies and animated objects are not affected.

Boon of Simple Death- Anyone with the Gladiator background inflict 1d10 points of damage (plus any Strength bonuses) with improvised weapons.

Boon of Humiliation- Anyone with the Gladiator background can redirect missed melee attacks against their person. The attack can be aimed against the character that made it or someone else within 5’. The attacking character makes another roll and if successful damages themselves or another.

Boon of the Shattered Blade- Anyone with the Gladiator background can destroy a foe’s non-magical weapon by sacrificing their own. Such broken weapons may be useless or may be considered improvised weapons depending on the DM’s interpretation of the action and its results.

Boon of the Psychic- Anyone with the Folk Hero background can read large groups of people and discover those most in need.

Boon of the Unemployed- Anyone with the Guild Artisan background can make self-repairing goods. Such items are affected by Mending once per day until they are fully repaired.

Boon of the Great Builder- Anyone with the Guild Artisan background can create large objects such as buildings or ships as long as the materials (or something equally appropriate) are present. The maximum size and other details are up to the DM. This takes 8 hours and refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of the Charger- Anyone with the Guild Merchant background can double the speed of their mount or Beast that is pulling their cart. This lasts for 8 hours and the creature is unharmed by this effect.

Boon of the Spirit Ally- Anyone with the Hermit Background can charm fey. This is identical to Charm Person but only affects creatures of the Fey type. This can be done 3 times and then refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of Joining the Land- Anyone with the Hermit background and elect to become a nature spirit. This takes the form of a fey with a challenge rating equal to the hermit’s level and the transformation is permanent, as if the result of the Reincarnate spell. Which fey races are allowed is up to the DM.

Boon of the Ice Forge- Anyone with the Hermit background can make tools and other objects from water. The result, which can be no more than 20 pounds each, is ice with the strength of steel. The items are permanent unless the character wills them to melt.

Boon of the Sky Shield- Anyone with the Hermit or Outlander backgrounds can deflect the worst effects of weather from an area 500’ in diameter centered on themselves. All the effects of weather are treated as one level lower in intensity.

Boon of the Ancestral Ally- Anyone with the Noble background can conjure the creature of their family crest, up to a challenge rating of 4. The creature remains for as long as the character concentrates. This refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of the Shack- Anyone with the Outlander background can construct very durable shelters from available materials. A shelter that holds 4 characters takes 1 hour and can be enlarged as needed (so one needed for 12 characters takes 3 hours). The shelter walls and roof are as strong as steel and last for 24 hours. If the character wishes, they can extend this duration by spending an equal amount of time reinforcing it before the shelter collapses.

Boon of Direction Sense- Anyone with the Outlander background becomes immune to Maze spells and can not become lost in any environment they have been in before.

Boon of Animal Mastery- Anyone with the Outlander background can capture and break any Beast the DM allows.

Boon of the Earth's Gift- Anyone with the Outlander background can turn soil and dust into food with a simple 1-minute magical process.

Boon of Arrow's Flight- Anyone with the Outlander background can attach a message to an arrow and fire it into the air. As long as the recipient of the message is within 1000 miles, the arrow will land at their feet 1 round later.

Boon of the Vine Swinger- Anyone with the Outlander background can use vines, ropes, ladders, etc. and ignore their weight limitations.

Boon of the Tongue- Anyone with the Sage Background can craft languages. It takes a month for a basic language and a year for something robust. The caster does not have to devote all their time to these projects and can even work on them when adventuring as long as they take notes. If these notes are lost, the work has to start over from the beginning.

Boon of the Compass of Knowledge- Anyone with the Sage background knows the location of a book with the information they seek unless it is protected by a ward equal to an 8th level spell or higher.hem to melt.

Boon of the Object Reader- Anyone with the Sage background knows the history of any object they touch, all the way back to its origin.

Boon of the Librarian- Anyone with the Sage background can duplicate the contents of non-magical books. The character needs another book of the proper page count (or more) and the process takes 5 minutes.

Boon of the Ship's Savior- Anyone with the Sailor background can prevent the ships they are on from sinking from non-magical or magical weather. As soon as the ship sets anchor, this effect ends and the ship may sink from any damage taken in the journey.

Boon of the Vessel- Anyone with the Sailor background can make anything float and sail. This applies to objects no more than 2500 tons. If this is used upon a sunken ship or other underwater object, it immediately starts to rise at a rate of 100’ per minute. The character has to be in contact with the would-be ship at all times, leaving it causes the vessel to sink.

Boon of Command- Anyone with the Soldier background gains an Aura of Command. All allies within 30’ gain a +1 to hit with melee attacks.

Boon of the Heart Reader- Anyone with the Soldier background can detect those with hostile intent and weapons within 120’. If the character is asleep and a hostile foe comes within range, he automatically wakens and is ready for action in that round.

Boon of the Shadow Strike- Anyone with the Soldier background can attack the shadow of a creature and inflict half the normal amount of damage (rounding up). The shadow has an armor class of 10 + the Dexterity bonus of the creature or character.

Boon of the City's Child- Anyone with the Urchin background can merge with city infrastructure. This is identical to Meld with Stone except it applies to any building or other structure. The character can do this once and then it refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of Urban Adaptation- Anyone with the Urchin background can adapt to any sort of city. Those built by drow, merfolk, genies and even giant ants are familiar urban landscape to the character.

Boon of the Urban Miner- Anyone with the Urchin background can find valuable goods that others throw away. After spending 4 hours in an appropriate location, such as a dump, the character will find 3d6 X 100 gold pieces worth of goods. This can be done once and refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of the Snooper- Upon entering a city, anyone with the Urchin background can sense the locations of all the warded placed within its borders. They do not see within the wards, just that they exist and where.

Boon of the Street Hopper- Anyone with the Urchin background can teleport between cities. They can take up to 5 others and need a small piece of a building, street or other infrastructure of the target urban center. This can be done once and refreshes with a long rest.

By Alignment

Boon of the Random Destination- Anyone that is Chaotic Neutral can alter the destination of a door they open. What is actually on the other side is a randomly rolled room within the same dungeon or other location.

Boon of Calm Seas- Anyone that is Lawful Neutral can calm seas, reducing waves to a glass pane. This affects an area of one square mile and lasts as long as the character concentrates. If and when concentration lapses, the seas return to normal in 1d6 minutes.

Powerful Boons

Boon of the Mountain's Bones- The amounts the character can life and carry (and encumbrance, if used) is increased 100 fold.

Boon of the Wind Blade- The character can make melee attacks that damage everyone within a 100’ long line. One attack roll is made and those who are struck take full damage.

Boon of the Serpent's Strike- The character’s initiative score gains a +20 bonus.

Boon of the Puzzle Master- The character can automatically detect all hidden doors and understands the effects and solutions to all tricks and traps unless the DM deems them too powerful or alien. The character can not automatically disarm traps, but rather gains a +10 to the skill check to do so.

Boon of the Mind Flame- A spell caster can, if they so wish, inflict psychic damage with their spells instead of the original energy type.

Boon of Gravity's Master- The character and their gear does not take any damage from falls. They can also jump 5 times farther than before.

Boon of the Phoenix's Flame- The character automatically comes back to life 1d6 minutes after being slain. This can be used once and then refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of the Path Not Taken- The character can alter their class option (subclass), selecting any existing option the DM allows. This can be done once and then refreshes in 1 week.

Boon of the Other Point of View- The character can alter their subrace, selecting any existing subrace the DM allows. This can be done once and then refreshes in 1 week.

Boon of the Esoteric Bloodline- The character gains one additional racial trait. Which trait is dependant on how the boon is obtained (i.e. it is the DM’s decision).

Boon of the Sky Shaper- Anyone with the Hermit background can move the stars in the sky, rearranging them as they wish. This lasts for the rest of the night and then reverts back to normal. The character can do this once and then it refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of the Flame Seed Keeper- The character has a seed of fire appear within them. This elemental seed makes them immune to fire and cold damage and allows them to moderate temperatures within 100’, preventing all temperature-based penalties. If the character is willing to give up the seed permanently, it can be planted and will grow into an oasis 1 mile in diameter over one day. Such a location will likewise keep temperatures moderate and draws water from the closest source, enough to quench the thirst of a thousand people per day.

Boon of the Scroll Master- A caster can create a scroll, placing any spell they know upon it with but a moment’s thought. This costs ½ the normal amount for creating the scroll, in the form of rare inks and powdered gems. The surface does not have to be paper, parchment or similar materials. As long as it is solid, any surface larger than one square foot can be used. This can be done once and refreshes with a short rest.

Boon of the Sky Summoner- The character can cause it to rain odd objects, what ever the player can imagine and the DM allows. It takes 10 minutes to perform the rite and the weather appears 1d6 minutes later. It lasts for 3d8 minutes and covers an area 10 miles in diameter, centered on the character. This can be done once and refreshes with a long rest.

Boon of the Engineer- The character can create amazing machines from available materials. Each machine replicates a spell, up to 9th level, can be used once and then falls apart. The machine can be activated with an action even if the spell takes longer to cast. Any consumed material components still need to be supplied and the machines cost 500 gold pieces per spell level. The character must attune the machines before they can be used.

Boon of the Mystic- A spell caster gains 3 spells from any list (single or plural) up to level 8. The DM will decide which spells. These are permanent additions to a spell book, spells known or spell list as the case may be.

Boon of the Divine Armory- A character can summon primordial matter and shape it into any magic item of less than Legendary status. It lasts for 1d6+2 round and then fade way, though its effects may last longer. This can be done once and then refreshes with a long rest.


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