Mythos Society Guide to New England: Bonus Monster - The Dingball

Clint Staples


STR 18

CON 27

SIZ 15


POW 16

DEX 20

Move 8/ Climb 5

HP 21

Damage Bonus: +1d6

Weapons: Tail club – 55%, 1d8+ Damage Bonus; If the DIngball is attacking with its tailclub from above, or from ambush, its chance to hit rises to 75%.

Claw – 50%, 1d6 + Damage Bonus

Bite – 45%, 1d10

Armor Points – None.

Skills: Hide 80%, Jump 40%, Spot 50%, Sneak 60%

Spells – None.

Sanity Loss: Lose 0/1d4 Sanity Points on seeing Dingball. If fleshless variant, add 1d4 to either result.

That's right, the Dingball!


Some authorities contend that this creature, otherwise known as the Dingmaul, is distinct from the Silver Cat, and the Ball-Tailed cat. They may be nothing more than distorted retellings of the same creature, possibly with some allowance for regional variation of the species.


The Dingball is a territorial feline about the size of a catamount, with a very long tail ending in a knobby club with which it can beat it victims to death. It is said to be silvery, sometimes with wolf-like fur, at others bald and shining slickly, a horror of exposed muscle and sinew.


Rather lazy in temperament, many accounts relate that is has a particular fondness for human flesh. Often it will attack from ambush overhead, either leaping onto its prey bodily, or by smashing downward from concealment with its tail. The Dingball’s cry is something to be wary of, and has drawn numerous well-meaning rescuers to their doom. The screech is said to be eerily similar to a woman or child screaming in agony or terror.


NOte: You can also get the Runequest version of the DIngball.