Hybrid, Enigma

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d6
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 7 or by armor
HD: 8
Attacks: by weapon
Damage: by weapon
Save: L12
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: VIII (100%), IX (75%), XXI (1d4 weapons and 1 armor, 100%)

It is well known that humanity simply cannot leave well enough alone. Geneticist find a new strand of DNA and decide to play with it to see what kind of monstrosity they can create in search of the ultimate soldier or life-form.

Such is the case with these creatures. A meteorite was discovered in Russia which just so happened to contain alien DNA. Of course the Russians decided it would be a good idea to merge it with human DNA to see what they could create. It took numerous attempts before a viable embryo was produced.

After gestation inside an artificial womb, the creature was born. It aged quickly, reaching maturity in only five years, looking like a young adult of about twenty. Two were initially created a male and a female. The female was more open and even though she did not speak, appeared intelligent and willing to follow simple orders.

The male was always remote and appeared to be a dullard, or autistic, lost in his own world and not communicating with the scientists that created him. As it turns out, this was just a ruse.

They are very intelligent, so much so their intellect is far off the scale when compared to regular humans. The entire time he watched and waited until he felt it was the right moment to act. During this period he stealthily stole bits and pieces of technology and was able to build a powerful weapon. The scientists had no idea this was happening and paid the ultimate price for their folly.

It is rumored that the alien DNA also passed down the knowledge to create and manipulate technology through encoded genes, and that much appears to be the truth. These creatures always have powerful weapons and technology with them when encountered.

Physically these creatures appear human, although they stop aging and look as if they are in their late teens or early twenties. Where the eyes are located there are a series of 1d4+2 smaller orbs, and there are two slits on the side of their throat. They have trouble breathing regular oxygen and are never found without a small device filled with an odd mixture of gases that keep them strong and hale. If they lose this device, they lose their increased strength and are greatly weakened.

They are cold, unfriendly and seem to have a strange agenda that no one fully understands, maybe not even the creatures themselves. They will kill without hesitation or remorse, and sometimes for seemingly no reason.

Even among their own kind they are quiet and often aloof, seemingly cold and uncaring, even those who have decided to produce offspring. The children of these couplings grow as quickly as their parents and have the same overall personality – or lack thereof.

They are not open to trade or negotiations. They will take whatever they want or need, sometimes leaving the owners alive, other times not, depending on how the owners react. Most of the time people just hand over what the creatures want just to increase the chances they will survive.

When engaged in combat, they always have artifact armor and several different types of weapons, many of which have never been seen in the wastelands before – as they are the creations of these creature’s own design. This is a good way for the ML to introduce new types of weapons to their game, using these creatures. Anytime they use melee weapons, the damage is increased by 3d6 due to their increased physical attribute mutation.

If for some reason their breathing apparatus is removed or they are denied it, every 10 minutes they must make a saving throw versus poison with a cumulative -1 to the check. If it fails, they will lose their increased physical attribute mutation, and will lose 1 hit dice per hour until they finally succumb. If they gain their breathing apparatus, they will instantly regain all their losses.

Mutations: Aberrant Form (new body parts), increased physical attributes (strength), intellectual affinity (tinkering), neural telekinesis, vulnerability (regular atmosphere).

Source: The Hybrid (2014)