Flesh to Scone - Runequestified! And possibly even Ickier.

Clint Staples
This horrific spell is one of the ways that ogres, ghouls and other Cacodaemon cultists manage to remain undetected in human society. It also serves as a terrible rite of communion within the Cacodaemon cult, where Priests transform human flesh to scones upon the unholy altar of the daemon, which are then shared amongst the other ogres and cultists present. In such rites, living human flesh is preferred.   Rune Spell: [One Use, Reusable for Priests of Cacodaemon]   Flesh to Scone [Man, Magic]                        Range – touch                       POW Check – Yes? Cost to Learn – Initiation, 1 Permanent POWer per level Materials – any added flavourings to the dough [raisins are common]          Magnitude – Variable  Duration – 15 Minutes if living flesh, Permanent if dead flesh Each level of the spell affects one 1d6 SIZ of flesh, alive or dead, instantly transforming it into an identical volume of spongy biscuit, with or without raisins, cheese, or other oddments added at the time of casting. If cast upon a living creature, the Target’s SIZ must be equaled by the rolled SIZ of the Spell, AND the target’s POW must be overcome. If cast upon dead flesh, the spell simply transforms the rolled SIZ worth of flesh. The taste of the transformed flesh is unchanged. Living flesh tastes like flesh, complete with [so the author is told] the burst of blood on the palate at first bite, the tang of confusion and fear, etc. Only the senses of sight, smell and touch are fooled by the change. While a living target is transformed they are blind, deaf and paralyzed, but aware. They can take purely mental actions, but cannot move or speak. They also will experience no physical sensation while transformed. Whether this is a mercy or not is debatable. Should a living target be dispelled or survive the duration of the spell, any SIZ removed while ensconed remains gone. Only a Heal 6 or greater will restore SIZ lost in this way.