Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d4 or 20d12 in communities
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: By armor type
HD: 10
Attacks: 1 weapon
Damage: by weapon type
Save: L10
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: Always 1d3 High Tech or Primitive firearm, Always 1 suit of high tech armor, V, VIII (90%), XV, XVIII

Out of all the nations on Earth before the final war, the most disrespected and universally despised was that of North Korea. For generations, the Jong-un bloodline ruled over the so called ‘democratic’ state with an iron fist.

Most countries found them laughable at best, and an unstable foe with more tricks up their sleeve than a sideshow con-artist at worst.  Rumor has it a great many of the most hideous terror weapons to have been unleashed during the final wars were cooked up in the labs and the twisted minds of the scientists that were employed by the Jong-un family.

If North Korea had one major problem, it was manpower. Being a small country, they did not have the largest population to draw from. One solution came from stolen technology – cloning. Using this technology, the Jong-un family was able to literally grow a work force in no time at all.

Thankfully – at least some say – the final wars and the weapons unleashed upon the North Koreans for the terrors they had spawned on and off-world prevented them from creating no more than a few hundred thousand of these creatures. When the dust settled, there were less than a thousand that remained alive and intact.

It was thought that they were to become the backbone of the labor force, while stronger and genetically enhanced models would be integrated into the military. Less than a hundred of the military versions survived, and that was pure luck as they were off-world when the rest of the planet decided they had enough of the jokers that ran the little dictatorship.

Physically these creatures look human, although their faces have a waxy appearance, and the flesh looks wet. The hair is always straight and black, while the eyes have the distinctive Epicanthal folds that mark them as coming from the Asian countries. Due to genetic tampering, they are easily mutated and very vulnerable to radiation. Most of the creatures are natural shape-changers, being able to alter their physical appearance to match any human they encounter, right down to the DNA. All that requires for them to take the appearance and DNA of a person is to simply touch them. They can add this person’s genetic code to a memory bank. Each member of this race is capable of holding 2d10 different genetic templates in their memory. If they wish to learn a new one, they must erase an old template in order to do so.

This only works on humans. They are incapable of using this on humanoids or mutants, and never on anything so crass such as an animal. The military version however are capable of taking form of a mutant, but again only as long as the mutant is human-based. They too can hold only so many templates before they need to erase one to learn another.

North Korea was completely wiped off the map – literally, nothing is left except sea-water filled craters that are so radioactive that only creatures immune to radiation have a chance to survive. Even then other deadly toxins are abound, so very few creatures are able to enter the zone and live. This means that these creatures are without a nation or purpose. They are genetically programmed to be loyal to the Jong-un family and as such North Korea. As such, they are always looking for technology to steal, heads of state to kill, and so forth. There are a few that have taken it upon themselves to set up a new North Korea and even one of their kind has the template of the great and glorious leader in their memory – as he was a body double in the event of assassination.

Sometimes the regular version of these creatures begin to lose control over their bodies, having been exposed to radiation or have absorbed too many genetic templates. It happens but it is rare. When this occurs, they begin to morph into monstrous versions with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. They will easily grow to five times their original size and have to constantly consume LIVE humans – a Vore lover’s favorite fantasy come to horrific life. They are incredibly dangerous and will continue on a rampage until they are finally destroyed. When this happens they are no longer capable of thought, and cannot use any weapons or armor. The hit dice increases to 25, and they gain a bite attack. This inflicts 2d10 damage and will swallow a humanoid sized or small creature on a natural 20. The creature will suffer 3d6 points of acid damage per round until they can cut their way free of the monsters stomach, requiring the victim to inflict at least 20% of the creatures total hit points in damage while inside using an edged or piercing weapon.

To make matters worse, these creatures gain the regenerative capability that allows them to heal 1d6 points of damage per round. Only fire and acid damage cannot be healed through this method. Even if they are killed, they will regenerate unless the body is burned or bathed in acid.

In combat the creatures always use weapons and have high-tech armor, which they have either found or stolen the information in order to be able to build it on their own. They will always defer to those of the military caste. Their favorite tactic is to take on the physical image of allies to their enemies and suddenly turn on them, inflicting horrible losses due to the betrayal.

As stated, their one major vulnerability is that they are susceptible to radiation. All radiation checks are made at a -4 and damage is automatically doubled, even if the saving throw is made. If they become mutated, they will simply die instantly.

These creatures can be found all over the world, and very few know of their true nature. They are slowly growing a population base in order to find a new home to give birth to a new People’s Democratic Republic of Korea.

They are capable of sex with any human and there is a 50/50 chance the offspring will be born with the same genetic heritage. If they have sex with another of their own kind, then the offspring is always the same. They have the same gestation period as regular humans, and reach sexual maturity around the same time. However, all are programmed to be loyal to the PDRK, and the Jong-un line in particular.

In order to achieve their goal, they constantly take on the genetic template of those who have access to technology, people in power and anything else that might further their cause.

If left unchecked, they could prove to be a deadly foe to the still recovering people of the battered and toxic world.

Mutation: Metamorph (modified), vulnerability to radiation.

Source: Doctor Who – The Gangers