Brew Combination Potion: An Item Creation Feat for Pathfinder

William T. Thrasher
Retort of alembic?

Between our latest oddities table and our list of new material components, we've got alchemy on the brain at d-Infinity. Any alchemist worth her essential salts is always looking for new ways to improve her craft and boost the potency of her extracts. But who needs purity when you can have versatility, brewing one potion with the power of two?

Brew Combination Potion (Item Creation)

You can create complex magic potions that impart the power of two spells.

Prerequisites: 3rd level wizard with brew potion, cauldron hex, or alchemist.

Benefit: When creating a potion, you can infuse the potion (hereafter referred to as the base potion) with the power of an additional 1st level spell you know. This spell must be a different spell from the same school as the base potion's spell. Increase the cost and brewing time of the potion by 50%. Whoever drinks the potion is the target of both spells.

Note: if both spells impart bonuses of some sort, the usual limitations of stacking apply.