BASH Monster File - Stegoboarus Hybrid

Clint Staples

B5     A3     M1         100 Hits/ 35 Soak             

-3x3 Attack             -3x3 Defense


  • Size 3 (3x3 square, +15 Brawn rolls, Damage, Soak; -3 Dice Penalty to hit, defend, Agility)
  • Gore or Tail: Natural Weapons 2 (x7+15 Dmg)
  • Jurassic Hide : Toughness 2 (+20 Soak)
  • Optional Partial Armour +10 Soak, bypassable with an Called Shot

Advantages: Non-Sentience, Never Surrender, Both Ends: The Stegoboarus is equally deadly with its tail or its tusks, and can attack with one or the other each turn.

Total Points: 28

The change pits of the northern Hellspawn Hills have been more active of late, spawing the mutant horror known as the stegoboarus, among others yet to be documented. This omnivorous terror is utterly fearless and capably of ignoring arrows and slingstones. Moreover, it appears to enjoy a challenge and is recorded as having smashed down a stockade to get to the penn of animals within, then swatting militiamen hither and yon as it dined on sheep to its belly's content.

Perhaps the worst thing reported this far is that it has been seen in the army of Golthra the Everdying, warlord of Hellspawn. Armored, and sporting a crew of lesser mutants, it was seen reaving its way through the lines of the hastily assembled defense force of the Duchy of Umber.