Skirmisher Releases '100 Oddities for an Egyptian Tomb'

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing is excited to announce the release of 100 Oddities for an Egyptian Tomb! This twelfth entry in the company’s popular and bestselling “100 Oddities” series of universal mini-sourcebooks is available through DriveThruRPG and RPGNow (20 pages, $1.99).

Ancient Egypt’s tombs and funerary rites have long captivated the imagination of many, with their impossibly rich golden treasures, mummies, elaborate beliefs in a physical afterlife, curses, hordes of servants doomed to eternal servitude. And for each god of rejuvenation, light, and life, there is a monster of damnation, consumption, and terror.

In 100 Oddities for an Egyptian Tomb, Skirmisher Publishing provides Game Masters with descriptions of thematically appropriate encounters, items, and creatures with which to bedevil or intrigue players as they venture beneath the dunes and sandstone, into a tomb that promises death and revivification. This universal mini-sourcebook fills in for hours of research, sparks the imagination of storyteller and player alike, and enhances the experience of an iconic RPG environment.

100 Oddities for an Egyptian Tomb also includes a section on using Scarab Tokens in game sessions and an appendix on randomly generated mummies. 

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