'The Kitsune' Released by Skirmisher

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing is pleased to announce its release of “The Kitsune,” a character race for 4th Edition D&D! This publication is devoted to fox shapeshifters that are incorrigible tricksters and irrepressible troublemakers and is available at DriveThruRPG by itself for just 99¢ or as part of a special 50% off 4E System Compatible Bundle. 

This publication contains a detailed character race with guidelines on playing a Kitsune, the laughter of Heaven and the terror of the powerful, through Heroic, Epic, and Paragon levels and includes a printable Kitsune miniature. It was written and illustrated by late great artist and game developer Alejandro Melchor. 

We have also recently released several thematic and significantly discounted Bundles, including one devoted to our Platinum-bestselling "City Builder" series and very special 80% off Sci-Fi Sampler.