‘City Builder’ Platinum Edition Update #46: ‘Religious Places’ & More!

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing’s team members are moving toward completion of the Platinum Edition of City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities and are excited to tell you about the major milestone we just achieved for it!

* We are currently finishing the last two custom images that will appear in the complete, 85-place version of City Builder and doing a final proof of it, which means we should be able to provide the PDF edition of it to backers within the next two weeks! After that we will submit the book to DriveThruRPG and go through its print approval process, which usually takes one to two weeks, and when that is completed we will immediately make the print edition of the book available to backers who will be receiving it as a reward. 

* We have just incorporated into City Builder the last of the 15 new places we unlocked as Stretch Goals during the Kickstarter campaign for this project and released at DriveThruRPG the final incremental volume, "Shrines, Temples, Cemeteries & Other Religious Places (City Builder Volume 9)," corresponding to a chapter in it. 

++ "Shrines, Temples, Cemeteries & Other Religious Places (City Builder Volume 9)" now includes new entries on Hermitages and Pilgrimage Trails, in addition to the existing and now-revised entries on Cemeteries/Graveyards, Monasteries/Convents, Shrines, and Temples. It also includes all new illustrations, including a cover image by fantasy artist Amanda Kahl; at least two adventure hooks for each sort of place; and three sidebars that can be used to help customize religious places like temples. 

* Please be sure to let us know if you catch any typos or other minor errors in any of the individual volumes or the interim version of the consolidated book! We are in the process of giving all the text a thorough review but there are now more than 120,000 words associated with this publication and we don’t want anything to slip through into the print edition. If you catch anything and email it to us at CityBuilder@skirmisher.com we will gladly thank you by sending you copies of some of our other publications as a sign of appreciation. 

That’s it for now! We sincerely hope you are excited as we are that we have moved this project to the point it is at and with the efforts we have made to steadily move rewards into the hands of its backers.