‘City Builder’ Platinum Edition Update #42: Entertainment, Mercantile, & Scholarly Places!

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing’s team members have made significant progress on the Platinum Edition of City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities since we posted our last update and wanted to share some of our most recent milestones with you! 

* Last month we released an interim, 192-page version of the “Platinum Edition” of City Builder that includes 70 of the 85 places that will ultimately appear in the full edition. If you purchase City Builder now then you will automatically receive the full, 85-place version of the book when we complete and release it and will avoid any future increases in price to the book. 

* We have moved ahead with expanding the consolidated book to include the 15 new places we unlocked as Stretch Goals during the Kickstarter campaign for this project and releasing the chapters containing them as self-standing incremental volumes. 

Our editors have completed three more of those incremental releases — seven of the 10 needed to complete the book. They include "Volume 3: Amphitheaters, Racetracks & Other Entertainment Places," which includes the Amphitheater and Tournament Ground we unlocked as stretch goals; “Volume 6: Banks, Trading Posts & Other Mercantile Places,” which includes the new Trade Fair; and “Volume 8: Alchemy Workshops, Libraries & Other Scholarly Places,” which includes the new Observatory. 

We previously released four other incremental volumes, “Volume 1: Communities,” “Volume 4: Guildhouses, Mages’ Guilds & Other Professional Places,” “Volume 10: Palaces, Prisons, Ports & Other Governmental Places,” “Volume 11: Thieves’ Guilds, Pit-Fighting Rings & Other Underworld Places.” All of them have been incorporated into the 192-page, 70-place interim version of the consolidated City Builder PDF we released last month, so if you have it then you have the most recent versions of these incremental volumes. 

That’s it for now! We sincerely hope you are pleased with the progress we have been making on this project and the fulfillment plan we have designed to steadily move rewards into the hands of its backers. We would also love to hear how you have been enjoying or using the material we have been developing and making available to you.