‘City Builder’ Platinum Edition Update #17: ‘Map Maker’ Unlocked!

Michael O. Varhola

We are progressing nicely into the second half of our Kickstarter campaign for a "Platinum Edition" of Skirmisher Publishing’s City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities and on day eighteen unlocked yet another Stretch Goal!

* When we reached $17,000 we unlocked the Map Maker, a new craftsman place that original City Builder author Michael O. Varhola will write. Characters needing to navigate their way across foreign lands or distant seas may seek information about such strange places from those skilled at creating maps of all sorts.

“As map-driven as most roleplaying games are, it makes sense that characters would be drawn to the workplaces of cartographers and to purveyors of their wares,” Varhola said. “Map makers might actually be just as interested in talking to characters about places they have visited in their adventures to verify the accuracy of various cartographic details in them, or even to purchase maps from strange places.”

* When we hit $18,000 we will unlock the Colosseum, a new entertainment place written by Varhola. Purpose-built amphitheaters used for everything from gladiatorial combats to mock naval battles are among the places built by affluent societies to entertain their large and diverse populations.

Thanks to everyone who has come on board with this project and helped bring it to the point it is currently at! We sincerely hope you have been enjoying our previews of the Platinum Edition of City Builder and what will be in it. This project continues to become an increasingly better value for its backers, so please help us get out the word about it so that we can take it as far as possible for everyone.