‘City Builder’ Platinum Edition Free Preview

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing is excited to announce the release of a premium free preview of the revised, expanded, and updated "Platinum Edition" of its popular and bestselling City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities, for which it is currently running a Kickstarter campaign

With the Platinum Edition of City Builder we have created a dramatically improved version of the original book and upgraded it in every way possible to make it more user-friendly, enjoyable to read, and visually appealing. As part of this we have:

* Completely redesigned the Platinum-bestselling book to give it a more contemporary and accessible look;

* Thoroughly revised all of the text, to include expanding and reediting it as necessary and reorganizing the contents of some of the entries or their places within the book;

* Made entries more standardized and parallel in structure;

* Added information to entries when applicable about how they might be approached in unique ways by various fantasy races;

* Added three completely new entries for specific places; and,

* Replaced the original disparate collection of images with a suite of more than 100 new illustrations that have a complementary style and give the book an even nicer and more cohesive look.

This new edition of our most popular title is now an even more essential asset to storytellers creating villages, towns, cities, and other sorts of communities for ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy settings. We sincerely believe that the Platinum Edition of City Builder has a place on every game master’s bookshelf and have made every effort for them to want it to be. And if we exceed our basic funding goals for this project there is even more we will do with it!