Review: Zombie Doctor

Brenda Cass

The d-Infinity crew recently received an evaluation copy of Zombie Doctor, a card game that is currently being Kickstarted. As Colin Hutton, the one man team behind the game, puts it:

Zombie Doctor is a fun and frantic card-turning game. Amputate, reattach and even swap limbs to stall the zombie infection. Each player chooses to be one of four medical professionals and has several cards laid out to represent their body parts. The game's unique mechanic is that one side of a card has your healthy limb and if you turn it over, the zombie equivalent is shown.

Players take it in turn to use one of their Pain or Gain cards. The Pain or Gain Cards have the power to help you or hurt others. You can heal limbs with medicine, amputate infected limbs and even use a defibrillator. Do whatever it takes to stay alive!

The winner is the last player to have the infection reach their head! There are many reward tiers available on the Kickstarter campaign, all of which includes a copy of the game and some are Kickstarter exclusives.

The Kickstarter ends October 31st, so be sure to check it out if quick to learn, party style games are of interest. You can find more information on the game at the Zombie Doctor website ( and at the Kickstarter project's page ( 

Colin Hutton is a UK based graphic and web designer with over 10 years' experience, and previously ran a successful Kickstarter campaign two years ago for a children's picture book. His experience with the Kickstarter platform, and with producing creative works, is evident with Zombie Doctor.

The team thoroughly enjoyed playing the game, as can be seen from the video portion of this review, and we would like to thank Mr. Hutton for passing Zombie Doctor our way. Following are the impressions of the d-Infinity members that had the opportunity of playing Zombie Doctor:


Brenda's Impressions

Zombie Doctor uses a novel mechanic that cleverly takes advantage of the card format it is printed on, which alone is something that I admire in a game's design and enjoy as a player. The mechanics of the game can easily be picked up in five minutes or less, and are simple and robust enough that they can be extrapolated upon, a fact that Mr. Hutton is clearly aware of, as the game comes with blank cards for players to put their own ideas into action with.

In the two sessions that I played, it was clear that the progression of the game begins with some tit for tat exchanges until grudges have been thoroughly formed, at which point the ill-fated doctors begin to have gruesome things happen to them. It is paced well, and makes for an excellent party game.

I also need to thank Mr. Hutton for making my job as a reviewer so easy by providing all of his excellent game media up front. That is the sort of organization and thoroughness that speaks well of Zombie Doctor as a Kickstarted project, so gun shy backers fear not!

Clint's Impressions

Zombie Doctor is fast play, with surprising tactical depth! I like the desperation that increases as pieces of you turn bad or come off, and the fact that you are rabidly stealing cards, and limbs, from your fellow medical professional! Really hoping for an expansion that gives options to continue playing your fully zombified doctor.

Mike's Impressions

Enjoyed our demo session of “Zombie Doctors” very much! Would not have thought anything devoted to zombies could still come off as feeling fresh but this quick-play card game actually does achieve that and the mechanics are relatively simple and elegant.

If there is one weakness to the game as it stands now it is that its rules need to be just a little bit more detailed and comprehensive; there was nothing that our team was not able to sort out, but we are game designers and a consumer audience is typically going to be less willing or able to do that.