Treasure on the Cheap: Supplemental

William T. Thrasher

While we can only fit a limited number of illustrations in the print edition of d∞, there is virtually no limit to how much space we can devote to a particular subject in the online supplement to the publication. Following are several supplemental photos to "Treasure on the Cheap," the "Prop Room" article by William T. Thrasher that appears in Volume #2 of d∞ . Two of them illustrate the step-by-step instructions the author provides in the article for creating the various treasure props shown here, along with a number of other tips for economically providing physical representations of treasure in your live-action and table-top games. Quoted text is excerpted from the full article.  

Cheap Chests

"A stylish wooden box can go a long way toward improving loot presentation, and there is nothing quite like picking up a heavy box, feeling the weight of what is inside, then lifting back the lid to catch the first glimpse of what lies within."

Cost-Effective Coins

"You’ve got your chest, so now it’s time to fill it. When your players are handed a real treasure chest, they are going to expect it to contain more than a handwritten note reading  I.O.U. 3,000 gp, signed, GM. "

Cut-Rate Crystals
"Gems, both mundane and magical, are prized rewards for dungeon delvers. You can make virtually any precious mineral using nothing more than a sharp craft knife, some paint, and polystyrene foam." 

Cheap Tricks

"GMs who are not afraid of whimsy can tape a pair of googlie eyes to the inside of their treasure chests. The result: instant Mimic!"