Tips for Making Costume Shoes!


have a pattern. Be sure to add a seam allowance no matter how you put it on. Here’s how I do it!

I use:

  • E6000 glue
  • Tacky Glue
  • Sometimes Foamies
  • Sometimes Ribbon
  • Sometimes Interfacing
  • Adhesive Spray
  • Hot Glue

As a concrete example of how I make shoes, here's how I made BB Hood's shoes:

1.) I used my shoe pattern to cut out red broadcloth. After cutting it out, I cut out some interfacing to go under it, because I didn't plan to use foam on the bottom panels. The interfacing helps with flimsy fabrics so they don’t wrinkle as you glue them on.

2.) After cutting out the fabric, I stitched the bottom panels together in back. Because I didn’t want to bother with puckering in the front of the square toe, I didn't sew on the front two panels. However, I’d recommend trying it out with your muslin patterns beforehand, if you want to see if it would work for you! (YAY, mock trials!)

3.) I started with some E6000 glue on the back seam so I could be positive the shoe would be centered there.  If there is a place like that on your shoe, I'd recommend starting there, too. It will normally be that seam.

4.) While the E6000 was still tacky, I put more glue on the bottom edge of the shoe, close to where the shoe hits the sole. Then I started going along the edge and slowly pressing the fabric against it. Sometimes I used a tooth pick or safety pin to tuck the edge of the fabric into the crease between the shoe and the sole. (You can also use a cheap ribbon glued onto of this area to make it mask any fringe or glue that may come out. It just looks more polished that way).

5.)    After following it all the way around, I added a bit of glue to the arch of the shoe. You can get to it easy from the top.

6.)    I then glued down the top edges, folding the top of the seam allowance into the shoes, using E6000 and tacky glue. I use tacky glue at the end to help with fraying  It looked like this at this point:

7.)    I cut out foam for the top panel’s two pieces

8.)    For the top of the shoe (but not the flap part close