Oddities for a Cavern

William T. Thrasher
Get deep.

When it comes down to it, adventurer's spend the majority of their professional time not in dungeons, but in caves. Wending their way through the bowels of the earth, delving into the secrets of the underdark, the overcore, and all the myriad subterranean realms, a party of heroes can expect to find any number of horrors and wonders. But what about all the things they don't expect? That's where this table comes in! The next time your party explores a lightless depth of living rock and you want them to encounter something unusual, unexpected, and just plain odd, roll on the table below to see what they find.


  1. Strange crystals grow from the cavern walls and the red glow of flowing magma flickers from cracks in the stone. This cavern connects to the Elemental Plane of Earth. If the party proceeds on their current course, they will enter the elemental plane in 2d10 x 5 feet.
  2. Anguished faces are carved into the living rock of the caverns walls for the next 1d6 x 10 feet. There is an equal chance these are the faces of explorers who died in the cavern, their souls trapped in the rock, or a grotesque warning meant to frighten away explorers.
  3. A sturdy spelunker's rope is tied firmly to a natural rock pillar. The rope trails into 10' x 10' natural pit so deep its bottom cannot be seen. The rope is taut, so something must be handing on the other end. On the other end of the role is either the hanged body of an explorer, a gnome surveyor working on a detailed map of the cavern, or a giant angler spider waiting for potential prey to interact with the rope.
  4. A herd of 2d6 eyeless cave goats trots merrily along the cavern roof heading towards a grazing cave to gorge themselves on fungus. There is a 50% chance the herd is stalked by a subterranean predator.
  5. A pool of stagnant water collects in the cave floor covering a 10' x 20' area. The water is half a food deep. Within the water lurk 1d4 electric cave eels waiting to stun any easy meal that enters the water.
  6. The floor, walls, and ceiling of the cavern are coated with a thin layer of pearlescent slime, sticky to the touch. 100 + 1d100 feet ahead a giant cave slug inches forward on a years long journey to its mating ground.
  7. A dwarf prospector cursing mightily, hanging from the ceiling in a spider silk net. Whoever set this trap will be upon the prospector in 1d6 minutes.
  8. An earth elemental bathes in the spray of a subterranean geyser, scrubbing its craggy features clean with a chunk of soapstone.
  9. Every 30 feet the party passes through an identical section of cave. Somehow, the cave tunnel they currently occupy curves back into itself into an infinite loop with no beginning and no end. There is an equal chance this is a trap set by an old god of elemental earth opposed to trespassers, a curse cast by a dark elf crone who lairs in a nearby cave, or a prank by a juvenile cave dragon.
  10. A coach pulled by four ebon spiders heads further into the cavern. Within the coach is a cruel baroness of the dark elves. Despite her dark appetites, she is genial to surface-dwellers whom she finds charming and is eager to chat and learn what she can about the sunlit realms above.

And that's only the beginning! In the following days your favorite d-Infinity contributors will add of their own to this table, growing it until we reach a full 100 entries! And you can add oddities of your own.