Oddities for an Ancient Tomb

William T. Thrasher

With all the recent hubbub surrounding the possible discovery of hidden chambers and untold secrets within the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun, my mind has been inspired. Like a cobweb-enshrouded lich roused from its sepulchral bed to formulate dark plans and work darker sorcery, I now compose a new volume in out ever growing, ever evolving list of unusual encounters, items, and oddities. Break the seals, and discover Oddities for an Ancient Tomb!

1. All sarcophagi, burial niches, coffins, urns, and other repositories for the dead are empty and have never been used. The yawn open, awaiting their destined tenants.

2. A mummified dog facing a mummified cat facing a mummified mouse facing a mummified mousetrap facing a mummified piece of cheese.

3. The bones of a long-dead grave robber molder in a dark recess. Among his tattered robes are 1d6 trinkets and an unfinished transcription of his final thoughts.

4. A statue of a vulture carved from a single block of jade-like stone. The statue radiates a faint glow and possesses a certain grotesque beauty. Any corpse bathed in the statue's alien radiance animates into a mockery of life.

5. Hieroglyphs and runes depict the adventurers' own expedition into the tomb in shocking detail, including their discovery of the hieroglyphs and a fate worse than death that will surely befall them in the central burial chamber. There is a 50% chance this is an illusion meant to frighten away grave robbers or a carving created by a gifted and highly specific oracle.

6. The animated mummy of a long-dead monarch restores the wrappings of its mummified spouse with gauze pulled from its own body. The mummy acts with great care, its actions bespeaking deep affection and adding love for its partner.

7. Within an offering bowl rest 1d4 plump fruits, each as ripe and fresh as if it was just plucked from the vine.

8. An inebriated skeleton drinking lustily from an empty wine bottle, mumbling to itself in slurred tones and crooning snippets of half-remembered tavern songs off key. 

9. Patches of black grave mold blight the walls of the tomb. The mold is dormant and hungry for flesh, particularly living flesh. All undead encountered from this point onward are covered in this mold.

10. Canopic jars reside in niches in the wall. Within each jar rests a perfectly-preserved organ, each attempting to perform it;s function; the stomach churns, the heart sluggishly beats, and the lungs suck dry air.

And that's just the beginning! In the coming days our top contributors and myself will add to this table, as will our most daring an imaginative readers. How long will it take us to reach 100 original oddities? Perhaps only the dead know for certain ...