Odd Facts About Dark Elves

William T. Thrasher
What the elf!?

Sure, you know dark elves. But do you really know dark elves? More than just sinister counterparts to light elves with a love for underground realestate, dark elves are every bit as complex and confusing as humans. To help players craft more nuanced characters and help GMs build better worlds and more dynamic dark elf NPCs and societies, we here at d-Infinity present a growing list of facts you might not know about dark elves!

Dark elves use the same for for diplomat as they do for assassin.

Dark elves are naturally hairless. Their flowing silver hair is the result of alchemy and spidersilk wigs.

Dark elves us mild doses of poison as a food additive to add a sinister flavor to their meals and build up useful immunities.

All dark elf structures contain the remains of a slave who was interred within a keystone by means of a stone shape spell.

Dark elves never wear black. What may appear to be black fabrid is infact a sepulchral shade of deep purple. Its splendor can only be appreciated with darkvision.

Dark elves consider identicle twins unlucky, and will typically disfigure one or both shortly after birth, typically by removing a finger or tattooing a facial blemish.

Dark elves value the silk of silkworms over spidersilk because of its scarcity in underground realms. Aften referred to as daysilk, dark elves wear garments made of silkworm silk as a symbol of wealth and status.

Dark elves never use wheels unless circomstances demands it. They consider the wheel a tool fit only for slaves and the lowest castes of laborers.

The most popular dessert in dark elf society is a sour paste made from jellied sightless cave fish.

All dark elf letters have two meanings depending on whether they are presented right side up or upside down. Dark elf books and scrolls have design elements that indicate which way the text should be held and read. Dark elf poetry and comedy makes frequenty use of the destinctions between right side up and upside down letters for humourous and symbolic effect.

Dark elves cannot hear the note f-sharp.

Dark elves track the passage of days and seasons based on the behavior of cave bats.