D-Infinity Live Tie-In - Ice Terrain Creation!

Clint Staples

Last night on D-infinty Live, we talked about Props and Terrain. As the show progressed, so did work on some of my terrain - in the making for a table top for the Ragnarok: Worlds's End RPG, in development for Skirmisher Publishing. Of course, they would also work for a Frostgrave board or any winter-themed tabletop game, especially fantasy.

Not much to say about this, and these are not finished, but I thought I would post a pick of them in progress. Obviously they need more detailing and painting. If you want to read about the process, and maybe try your own hand, I wrote an article about it. The detailing/ scoring of the ice hill was accomplished with an adjsutible blade knife cutting and gouging in irregular lines and slicing away to make it look like cracks and ice-calving. Still some work to do there too. The shards wree done with the same knife, using the method laid out in the article. The ice hill also has a "topper" of shards that is removable, and will look a far bit like a smller version of the ones pictured below when complete. It can be used as scatter terrain like them, but it was cut so as to fit the top of the hill in case one wants to use it that way. The hill is flat topped for two reasons: 1 - as noted above; 2 - so that figures can stand on it. This IS tabletop terrain for an RPG or skirmish wargame, after all. Please note that the board on which the terrain sits is just an old piece of blue foam insulation board, and is not part of the project in its current, completely unworked (though somewhat battered) form.


When finished, these pieces will fit in with the ones from the tutorial (below, sorry for the snow leopard follicles). Combined with e snow-table, some frost-rimed conifers, rune stones, and a few other things, they should work well for a Ragnarok table!