Season 2, Episode 3: Games Based on Movies

If you missed Season Two, Episode 3 of "d-Infinity Live" when it aired the evening of Thursday, July 25, you can check it out in archive! Co-hosts William T. Thrasher and Michael O. "Jolly" Varhola discussed games based on films, from licensed adaptations to homebrewed scenarios. We had excellent listener interaction during this show, and some of the questions and comments follow: 

"Licensed games will only get new people into the hobby if the game is sold in places besides hobby shops. " -- Lucas Puryear

"This drove me nuts, as Marvel Heroic wasn't advertised ANYWHERE by Marvel. They devoted no resources to the RPG, and then got angry when it didn't sell "as expected", pulling the plug. " -- TkNyarlathotep

"Board game and/or RPG based on Big Trouble in Little China! " -- David Corlett

"If you got the chance to make a game of your favorite film, how strictly do you think you should adhere to the film's canon? Given Amazon's recent initiative to open up Fan Fiction as a commercial entity for new writers, using IP from the original publishers, how important is the original canon in games? Is it still valid? Or is the opportunity to grow canon with an active fan base something that would appeal more to fans, making games potentially more commercially viable. (Big question, sorry.)" -- James Sutton

"I've borrowed the plot of Masque of the Red Death starring Vincent Price for games of Cthulhu Dark Ages. It'd probably make a perfect Cthulhu Live game ..."  -- TkNyarlathotep

"The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension! deserves a game book" -- Pierce Tomas

"When you break it down, all adventuring parties are The Expendables ." -- Lucas Puryear