The Kidlit Challenge (d-Infinity Live!, Series 5, Episode 28)

Live on 9-15-2016, 9pm EST

Worlds of whimsy and adventure, lands of monsters and magical beasts, stories of exploration and adventure. No, we're not talking about gaming – we're talking about children's literature! While fairy tales and folk lore have long served as an inspiration for game writers, this week we're going to narrow our focus to a particular work of children's literature. Each of the hosts are challenged to pick a piece of children's literature and create either an adventure or game setting based on that work. The goal is to create game content that is true to the feeling and theme of the original source material but is still fun for a group of adults to play.

Some particulars: Any game system can be used. For the purpose of this challenge, “children's literature” means any story, book, or series by a named author (or authors) that is meant for children from 0-12 (so none of the post-apocalyptic vampire teenager stuff, please.) Bearing that in mind, the game content should still be appropriate for the upper end of that age range (you can't turn “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” into a prostitute-eating demon, but if you want your players to have to fight him to the death that's still fine.)

So break out the baby books, dust off your middle-reader novels, and raid the children's section of your local library; there's a challenge to be met!