Hometown History Challenge (d-Infinity Live! Series 6, Episode 13)

The d-Infinity crew has traveled far and wide in search of historic gaming inspiration from around the world. But sometimes the best ideas are hiding right in your own back yard! 
For this d-Infinity Live challenge, the hosts must each come up with a game scenario (or other piece of game content) that is based on historic events that took place in their “home town.” For the purposes of this challenge, our hosts can use history from any place they have lived long enough to need to change their mailing address (not necessarily the town of their birth or childhood.) True, historical events and/or people must be an important element of the content they create, but other totally fictitious or fantastical elements may also be included and any game system may be used. 
So let's head on down to the local library, dig into old newspaper archives, and see what sort of game we can come up with!