Fixer Upper Challenge (Series 6, Ep 5)

Live on February 16 at 9pm EST

What do you do when a game designer gives you lemons? You make lemon meringue pie and get into an epic pie fight! This week the distraught designers of d-Infinity take on a new challenge as they take their least favorite games, the games they wouldn't touch with a 10-foot Pole of Reaching , games they wouldn't use to line their worst enemy's bird cage, and use the forge of their imaginations to transubstantiate the dross of the RPG hobby into something worth playing! Which of the worst will become the best? Tune in to find out!

The Rules!

  • Hosts must pick a tabletop game, not limited to RPGs, that they consider the worst of all time or that they have sworn never to play again.
  • Hosts must make a case for why their game is the worst, using fair criticism and their personal history with the game. Afterwards, hosts will take an informal poll to determine the overall worst game.
  • Each host redesigns their game to turn it into something they want to play, with free reign to change the rules, setting canon, graphic design, or any other aspect of the game in question.
  • After each host has expounded upon their improved game, there will be a second informal poll to determine which game is the most improved.
  • The host with the most improved game must run it on a future episode of d-Infinity Plays!