Fine Art Challenge (d-Infinity Live, Series 5, Episode 25)

Welcome to the next " d-Infinity Live!" Challenge! This episode, we don't know if it is art but we know if it inspires us to create games ...

For this challenge, each co-host will select a single artist who has created a recognized body of work in any mediums and who has never been commissioned to do work for the game industry. Then, inspired by the artist's work overall or a specific aspect of it (e.g., "Blue period"), each participant will create a setting (e.g., world, city, island). They will each also create three fully stat'ed and described pieces of game content, for any game or system, inspired by an equal number of specific works by their chosen artist

Viewers are welcome to play along at home! Post your creations before, during, or after the live show on our event page at d-Infinity Online -- and if they are robust enough we will discuss them on the show and even devote an entire article to them.