The Dreamlands (d-Infinity Live! Series 7, Ep. 23)

Live June 28th at 9pm EST

In a place deeper than sunken R'lyeh, higher than the walls of Eryx, and closer than our most secret thoughts there waits The Dreamlands, and obscurity among obscurities. Created by horror writer H. P. Lovecraft both apart from and contiguous with his influential Mythos, this strange land of waking dreams is home to melancholy heroes, sympathetic monsters, reveling gods, and cats unique in the world of weird fiction. This week the deep dreamers of gather to explore The Dreamlands and their influence on tabletop gaming. From Dreamlands campaigns to modern Dreamlands writers to the efficacy of the ever-dependable Zoog, join us as we descent the 700 Steps pf Deeper Slumber as we venture into this most unusual of settings.

As always, we're answering your questions live on our show. If you have any questions about The Dreamlands and its impact of tabletop gaming, post them in the comments below!