Die Rolling! The d6 Collaborative Setting Creation Challenge [7/28/2016]

Die Rolling! The D6 Collaborative Setting Creation Game Show:
“Welcome to Die Rolling! The d6 Collaborative Setting Creation Game Show, where the hosts build a world RIGHT before you eyes! And YOU get to help! Over the course of the show, we will use the HOLY D6 to guide us in the creation of a setting, discussion will be fast and furious, with each contestant on the clock to contribute or Die Rolling!
What does “Die Rolling” mean?
If a player clutches and cannot complete their concept before their Clock runs out, they get a DIE,  a single d6 that they have to keep until the end of the game, where we will see who “Dies Rolling”.
At the end of the show, any contestants with Die Rolling dice, roll and total their dice. The one with the highest total has attracted the ire of the our Sponsors – the Elder Powers – and is consumed in a manner most heinous – YOU don’t want to miss that!
Before we start, let’s introduce the “Heroes of the Hotseat” for this week!  . . .
Rules and turn order:
1.             Roll 1d6 for Initiative.
2.             Lowest rolling person for that round is the Moderator. The Moderator rolls 1d6 on the current table to generate the focus of the round.
3.             In initiative order, each Person gets a minute or two (Timer and Gong?) to show how they want to interpret the roll before we move on to the next player. When all have had their say on the subject, the Moderator sums up what has been decided, it gets approved or not, and becomes canon if it is.
4.             Each Round, the Moderator for that round nominates (or rolls randomly to nominate) one other person to add a significant person, organization, rumor, legend, common piece of tech or magic, monster, or other cool thing that becomes part of the setting. That person may also involve something suggested by the live viewers or previously posted in the comments.
5.             Move on to next subject, roll Initiative, rinse, repeat.
a.             EX: Round One: Genre: After rolling for Initiative, the Moderator rolls a 6 – then rolls again for another 6, meaning that two additional rolls are required,  then gets Historical, Sci fi and Post-Apocalypse. In Initiative order, each person gets a brief window to interpret the concept. Discussion starts heading toward a retro-inspired Post-Apoc setting based on a re-imagined American 60s and 70s theme. Person A nominates person B to add a detail. Person B adds Cars to the setting. Cars become a central part of the setting that others can riff on henceforth. Are we headed for some sort of muscle-car apocalypse?
Genre: 1d6
1.             Fantasy
2.             Sci Fi
3.             Post-apocalyptic
4.             Modern
5.             Historical
6.             Roll twice and combine, and again if another 6 is rolled, ad infinitum.
Roll 1d6 randomly to see which thing we do next:
1.             Theme
2.             Races
3.             Religion
4.             Technology
5.             Magic
6.             Causative Events