d-Infinity Plays: The Rimecold Hart

The Rimecold Hart – An Adventure for Ragnarok, the RPG of the Viking Apocalypse!

This year, Winter is slow to retreat. The fields and forests of Gautland remain snow-crusted and frozen and all folk worry about the scarcity of food and fodder. Sigiwulf Vastrgautland Jarl, sensing the desperation of his people, sends out his best hunters, who return with a worthy prize – a massive, magnificent Hart. Sigiwulf declares this a gift from the gods and declares a feast to show his faith in them. The people of Hasafel respond with sudden, brittle joy, throwing themselves into to the festivities, casting away fear of famine even as ravenous wolves howl in the hills beyond Hasafel. As outsiders of renown, you are invited to feast in Jarnaborg, the hall of the Jarl.