d-Infinity Plays 'Ragnarok: The Great Winter" (Episode 7)

The new thegns of Arnborg: Svava, Gyda, and Steinhard, have traveled with their Jarl and others to the Eolhwood, in hope of returning the Rimecold Heart to the Eolhqueen of the Huldrfolk who live there, and lifting the curse that she set upon the Jarl and his people.  
When the travelers arrive, they do not get the greeting they expect. The Huldrqueen accepts the Heart, and agrees to lift the curse. But the Jarl’s offer of support and sacrifice to the Eolhwood, as the people of Hasafel did in the past, is met with suspicion – and the withdrawal of the Huldrfolk to the confines of their forbidding forest. 
Under cover of darkness, the Eolhqueen returns, moving unseen through to the ensorcelled Arnborg camp, to question Svava, Gyda and Steinhard, individually. Impressed by what she learns, the Eolhqueen offers alliance, information and even the possibility of instruction, if they can aid her people in rekindling the frozen Womb of Jord, an ancient well sacred to their goddess. 
After descending the icy cleft in the center of the well, they heroes found themselves atop a massive spire of ice, surrounded by wind and cloud unlike anything they expected to find below the surface of Midgard. Descending the spire, they found a large chamber with a rune-carved shard of ice, and defended by elemental beings of ice, with terrible claws. 
After a tough fight in which some of our heroes took wounds. They now stand, amid the chamber of the ice shard, the shattered and melted remains of the ice creatures lying all around them …