d-Infinity Plays 'Ragnarok: The Great Winter'


Winter is slow to retreat from the Mythic North. Normally, Jordmonad is a lean time tempered by the promise of warmer weather and the first growing things. Yet now, the fields and forests of Gautland remain snow-crusted and frozen – and all folk worry about the scarcity of food and fodder. The offerings to Jord, ancient giant-goddess of the Earth, will be more meager than usual unless the cold breaks. Some, especially among the poor, hunger.


Some die.


Even the nobles of the land are touched by suffering. After decades of good rule, Saehrym, the former jarl and Sigiwulf’s Jarl’s father, has died. Opening the ancient barrow of Arnar and cutting a chamber from the frozen earth, was hard work. But Saehrym was a good jarl, deserving of such treatment.


Now the black portal to the barrow awaits.


Sigiwulf, sensing the desperation of his people, opens his own private stores and hall to all who attend a feast in honor of Saehrym. Arrow-Arin, thegn to Sigiwulf, leads Arnborg’s best hunters, who return with a rare prize – a massive, magnificent hart with a coat like hoarfrost, worth to be the centerpiece of the feast. The people of Hasafel respond with sudden, brittle joy, throwing themselves into to the festivities, casting away fear of famine even as ravenous wolves howl in the hills beyond Hasafel.


Join the "d-Infinity Live!" crew as they embark on a new campaign for Ragnarok: The Great Winter , the roleplaying game of the Viking end times in development by Skirmisher Publishing! Questions, comments, and suggestions are, as always, welcome! 

Live on Thursday, November 29, at 9 p.m. EST