d-Infinity Plays 'Into the Lair of the Kobolds' for D&D 5E!

This week the "d-Infinity Live!" crew picks up their d20s and jumps into a 5th Edition reprisal of one of the most old-school of D&D encounter areas! Join them as they go "Into the Lair of the Kobolds," an expanded and updated version of the encounter area from the Caves of Chaos in the classic module "B2: Keep on the Borderlands."

When a prosperous market village in a rugged borderland is overrun by a powerful band of savage humanoids, it falls to a small party of adventures to seek vengeance against them and prevent it from happening again.

Below is a map that shows the portions of the lair the party mananged to explore during this session. In it they passed through four keyed areas and ended up at the periphery of another, including one with an unexpected variant on the title enemy; one where they unknowlingly bypassed a squad of sleeping guards; one where they fell prey to a devilish trap, and where the trap victim was attacked by a diseased rodent from another area; and one where they had to overcome a trio of heavily-armored veteran archers.