d-Infinity Plays: 'Interplanetary'

Welcome to Interplanetary! Join the "d-Infinity Live!" crew for a very special sneak preview of this science fiction miniatures game by designer Mac McLaughlin that replicates the gritty, intense, close-quarter battles fought on board starships, space stations and industrial settings of Earth’s colonial worlds that realistically reflects the speed, tactics, and deadly realities of small-unit engagements. 

In the early 23 rd century, major and minor colonial powers extend from the Sol system to distant stars. The colonies provide minerals, raw materials, food and living space for mankind. Helping to define the power and wealth of Earth governments, the off-world colonies are protected from rival national powers as well as internal movements for colonial independence.

Colonies and deep-space shipping lanes are vulnerable to pirates and hostile military action. Many colonies chafe under the rule of distant Earth governments and this frustration can erupt into bloody insurrection. To protect these vital economic interests, the colonial powers field a considerable military presence in space. They maintain constant patrols for faster reaction times along trade and supply lanes. The situation is often pushed to the brink by embargos, blockades, and proxy wars via colonial freedom fighters and privateers.