d-Infinity Live! Series 5, Episode 16: Unitasker Challenge [Live 6/2/2016]

For this episode, host Brendan Cass has challenged his co-hosts to create a party of unitaskers. Only one character is allowed to make physical attacks, one character can cast spells, one character can use class abilities, and one character can use skills. They will then have to run through a simple mini-adventure designed by Brendan to test the party.
Will the d-Infinity crew be up to the challenge, or will their party of unitaskers get wiped out?
The rules are simple:
  • Create a party of 4, third level characters using a D&D based system (the hosts will be using 5E, but 3.5 or Pathfinder is fine too)
  • Only one character will be allowed to make physical attacks (either ranged or melee)
  • One character will be allowed to cast spells (either divine or arcane)
  • One character will be allowed to use their class abilities (spells don't count for this one, obviously)
  • One character will be allowed to use their skills
  • Bonus points for coming up with a compelling background for why your character can only do one thing!
  • The party will be considered successful if they are able to claim the treasure in the adventure and return with it.

For those of you playing along at home, you can either share the challenge with their home group and let us know how it goes in the comments or alternatively share their own ideal unitasker party composition.