D-I-Y Apocalypse Challenge! (d-Infinity Live! Series 6, Episode 23)

Are you sick of zombies! Have the wasteland Elven hackers worn out whatever cache the magical apocalypse had? This week, Clint Staples challenges his "d-Infinity Live!" co-hosts to cast off the traditional end-of-the-world scenarios and come up with a new kind of apocalypse by answering the following questions:
∞ What is the name of your Apocalypse?
∞ What forces are at work, or play? 
∞ How does the world end? 
∞ Who and/or what, survives?
∞ And for bonus points: Give us the title for the game that would be written about one or more Post-Apocalyptic settings that could arise from your Cataclysm.