Zombie, Neural

Chris Van Deelen

gives them a chance to act and possibly take the creatures down before they can harm anyone.

Once the first round has passed, these mutant monsters strike with a blinding speed. They will never attack with their hands or bite, they will always use weapons. For some reason every single one ever encountered is carrying high tech weapons and know how to use them so well that they gain a +3 to hit. Despite being nearly mindless, these creatures are able to switch out empty magazines or energy sources, and have been known to use other weapons such as grenades. If the weapons they wield are completely drained, they will switch to melee weapons until they or their targets are destroyed.

If that was not bad enough, these creatures are always found in the possession of artifact armor (except for EMA), typically Ballistic Nylon, Metal Insert or Plastic Plate (or any other type of high-tech armor the ML wishes to use instead). It should be noted that all weapons and armor used by these creatures is always condition level 5. It is speculated that despite being nearly mindless, for some reason these creatures are able to maintain their weapons and armor.

Once attackers are defeated, these creatures will then feed on the flesh, gaining all the nutrients they require in order to survive. As long as they have fed, they will regenerate once per hour instead of once every twenty-four hours.

Mutations: Dietary requirement change (human, pure human or humanoid flesh)(d), immune to all mental control or mental attacks that cause damage, quickness, regenerative capability.

Source: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of games