Zombie, King

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1
Alignment: Any
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: Based on Armor
HD: 10
Attacks: 1 weapon
Damage: Based on weapon
Save: L10
Morale: Any
Hoard Class: Always 1 suit of armor, 1d4 weapons, I, II, IV, VII (85%), IX (85%), X, XIII

During the final wars when the walking dead plague was unleashed, a group of scientists based in California were desperately attempting to create a vaccine which would prevent the spread of the virus, even after a victim had been bitten. These scientists used a group of inmates and tried different serums on them; all either turned or died screaming.

Except for one.

This man was attacked and subsequently bitten numerous times, but when the zombies left him, instead of dying and turning, he survived and healed his wounds. Having escaped certain death, he attempted to flee. Months later he was tracked down by other surviving members of the military and captured so they could return to California and find out exactly what went right in order to duplicate it and create a proper vaccine for the plague.

Over the next several years, the man underwent numerous physiological changes – hair and teeth fell out, his skin began to peel away and the layer beneath was a dark blue-grey hue, and he looked somewhat like the walking dead. Yet he still required regular food, water and rest.

The most startling change to take place was he developed the ability to control all types of walking dead. Any creature, no matter what type, as long as it was derived from the walking dead plague, he could control. This turned out to be a boon for him and his companions, and they were able to steer clear of many a deadly encounter with the undead because of it.

It was also discovered he was capable of passing on his condition through two means. If he bit anyone, they were infected with a mutated version of this virus. They did not die, and could heal from any damage sustained (except head trauma), but were forced to do anything he bid them to do.


He could also sire children, who possessed the exact same abilities to pass it on and control the undead.

Now centuries since the end of the final wars, these ‘kings’ still exist in the wastelands. They are immortal, and it is rumored that the original ‘patient zero’ otherwise known as ‘The Murphy’ still roam the lands. Some try to fit in and live relatively normal lives, pretending they are nothing more than just another mutant human, others actively seek out and gather small armies of the walking dead and other types of undead to do their bidding.

They are completely intelligent, and are fully capable of using weapons and armor, as well as other technology. Many of these creatures are immeasurably wealthy and have masses of the walking dead at their beck and call. On average, they are full capable of controlling up to four times their Will Power score in regular walking dead.

If one encounters a hoard of the walking dead, they can control a portion, if not all, and has several options. They can force them to back away, stop in their tracks, turn on one another, perform simple tasks, or attack other targets. Often if the hoard is too large, the best tactic is to have the creatures turn on one another, allowing them time to escape.

After all, even the walking dead will attack them if they are not careful.

They are also capable of controlling up to their Will Power score in hit dice when it comes to exposed, feral, intelligent, and living zombies. They are completely incapable of controlling Nazi and Nemesis zombies.

Anyone who is bitten by one of these creatures must make a saving throw versus poison or fall under the control of the creature. They are still able to act and think, and can even work against the creature who bit them and can even break the control. The creature maintains control by biting the victim at least once every 48 hours, or forcing the victim to consume its blood.

The length of time the victim is under the control of this creature is based on their Will Power score. Some, once bitten, are permanently under the control, while others need to be ‘re-infected’.

When these creatures are unconscious or ill, they generate a mental call for help. This has a range of 5 miles and it will automatically attract ALL undead types in this radius. The creatures will move at their best possible speed, drawn by the telepathic call these creatures generate.

This is a double-edged sword.

The undead will attack anyone and anything near this creature, either to kill or to infect. It does not matter how many undead arrive, they will not attack or attempt to harm the caller.

Walking Dead and other undead creatures will stay near the fallen caller until it regains consciousness, at which time they will turn and leave. This will last only for 1d3 turns however, before the effect of the calling wears off and they can become aggressive enough to pose a threat to the caller.

Duration of control table

Will Power

Duration of Control

8 or less



1 week


3 days


1 day


12 hours

Mutations: Bizarre appearance, parasitic control (modified), possession (modified)

Source: Z-Nation (2014-)