Xenomorph, Queen

Chris Van Deelen

Numbered Encountered: 1
Movement: 120’ (40’)
AC: -2
HD: 30
Attacks: 3 (bite, 2 claws), or 1 inner jaw, or 1 tail
Damage: 6d6 / 8d8 / 8d8 or 6d12 or 8d6 and special
Save: L20

No matter the host, all the Xenomorphs spring from one single entity. An alien Queen. This creature is massive, being around 20’ in height and weighing around 5 tons. It is also by far more intelligent than its drones, and is able to command them through simple hisses, screeches and even through body motions.

The Queen differs physically from the rest of her brood, and no matter the type of host she came from always appears the same. The head is a massive crown, spread out and nearly as large as the body itself. The face, if you can call it that can pull into this crown and is typically inside while the queen is resting and laying the eggs.

She has two massive forelimbs ending in the same deadly talons, as well as two smaller limbs that protrude from the chest. A series of 6 long spikes jut from her back as well, and she can move about on two large powerful legs.

Unlike most of her drones, she is extremely hardy and can withstand an unreal amount of physical punishment, and like the rest of her brethren, if her exoskeleton is pierced, she will bleed acid blood. Despite her massive size, the queen is quite swift, although not as fast as her drones, but she is relentless in her pursuit of prey or anything that is foolish enough to enter her inner sanctum.

Most of the time the alien queen is hidden away deep inside the hive that the creatures create, usually in a state that could only be described as sleep, laying eggs by the thousands. Once a location has become filled with eggs, the Xenomorphs pick the eggs up and carry them to other locations of the hive, where they wait for fresh prey or unsuspecting life forms to stumble upon and release the face huggers that wait inside.

However, if the hive is ever threatened, and the queen’s personal guards are defeated or otherwise disposed, she can tear herself away from the egg sack and deal with interlopers all on her own.

As long as her drones provide her with fresh hosts and food, there is no limit to the amount of eggs the Queen can produce. The queen will typically consume the remains of hosts that the chest busters haven’t completely consumed or it will eat anything that the drones bring to it.

Chris Van Deelen is the author of the Skirmisher Publishing LLC sourcebook Creatures of the Tropical Wastes sourcebook, co-author of its Wisdom from the Wastelands game supplement and contributor to the 'Sword of Kos: Hekaton' Anthology.