Xenomorph Drone

Chris Van Deelen

Number Encountered: One to thousands
Movement: Fast (150' per round)
AC: (medium) 4
HD: 8
Attacks: 3 (bite, 2 claws), or 1 inner jaw, or 1 tail
Damage: 2d6 / 3d8 / 3d8 or 2d12 or 3d6 and special
Save: Average (level 8)

Xenomorphs are true aliens. These creatures have been encountered numerous times over the centuries and rarely do those who encounter them live to tell the tale. 

The aliens are powerful monstrosities that live for one purpose and one purpose only… to breed. They feel no pity, no remorse; they have no feelings or emotions and are completely and utterly fearless and totally ruthless in their quest to continue the species.

Most of the Xenomorphs have one overall physical structure. They appear as huge humanoids that are covered in a skeletal exoskeleton, have huge elongated heads that end in toothy maws. Several snorkel like growths jut out from the back of the creatures, which some scholars believe is some sort of bizarre breathing apparatus. The aliens have whip-like tails that end in large spikes, and the hands have four long taloned fingers.  Most Xenomorphs are around 7’ in height and can weigh typically about 300 pounds.

When it comes to combat, these creatures have a variety of weapons that they can employ. First, they have the standard bite and double claw attack. This they will use to ‘soften’ up a target or merely attempt to immobilize it so that they can drag it back to the hive for implantation.

However, they do have one special attack… if both claws hit, they can decide to grab hold of a target instead of inflicting damage. Any target grabbed is able to attempt to break free using the standard strength versus strength roll, with the aliens having the strength equivalent of 24 for this roll.

If the creature relents and allows itself to be taken, the aliens will not attempt to hurt it any further. However, if the creature struggles, the Xenomorphs will get to inflict the claw damage automatically, or they can attempt to use the inner jaw. If the target is held, the inner jaw gets a +4 to hit and is still considered to be a ranged weapon, but unlike using the jaw in regular combat, if it hits, the target must save versus death or die as the jaw smashes through the skull, killing the creature. If the save is successful, the jaw does its regular damage.

In addition to these attacks, the creature is able to use its tail like a whip. Any target hit by the tail is allowed a dexterity check (roll under their dexterity) or be knocked prone.

To make matters even worse, these creatures have a powerful acidic blood. Any time the creature is hit by a cutting or piercing weapon (bullets count!) the alien sprays blood. This blood is typically in the direction that it was it, but can be random, and has a chance of hitting anything in 10’ from the target. Roll 1d10 and that is how far out the blood spray will reach.

Creatures caught in this radius are allowed a save versus energy attacks or they will be hit by the blood. It causes 6d6 points of damage per round and will reduce by 1d6 per round, until the acid neutralizes on its own.

As it was stated, these creatures have only one purpose, which is to breed. The Xenomorphs have a very complex lifecycle that is completely dependent on the ability of the creatures to find hosts for their young.

Once a group of Xenomorphs have established a location to use as a hive, they will excrete a type of resin that they can shape and mold. This resin will be used to coat the walls, floors and ceiling of any location they deem suitable for a hive. They will always build their hives inside existing structures or in caves, tunnels or caverns.

They use this hive as a place to ‘cocoon’ fresh hosts, keep their food or just to rest. The Xenomorphs can meld their bodies with the walls of the hive and for most part become invisible to the naked eye, allowing them to ambush any creature foolish enough to enter their domain.

This resin hardens in a matter of 1d4 turns and once hardened, is as strong as cement.

Creatures captured for use as hosts are placed in the resin and while it is hardening can attempt to escape it by using brute strength. While it is hardening the resin has strength equivalent of only 10, but once it hardens, the strength increases to 20 for purposes of strength versus strength rolls to escape.

While hiding in the hive walls, the Xenomorph gain the chameleon epidermis mutation for purposes of remaining hidden or attempting to surprise creatures.

Chris Van Deelen is the author of the Skirmisher Publishing LLC sourcebook Creatures of the Tropical Wastes sourcebook, co-author of its Wisdom from the Wastelands game supplement and contributor to the 'Sword of Kos: Hekaton' Anthology.