Xenomorph, Crusher

Chris Van Deelen

Number Encountered: 1 or 1d4
Movement: 120’ (40’)
AC: 0 (head), 4 side or flank.
HD: 20
Attacks: 1 ram, 1 trample, or bite or tail.
Damage: 6d6 plus special (see description), 3d8 plus special (see description), or 4d6 or 4d8.
Save: L20
Morale: 11

As it turned out, the scientists and genetic engineers were busy little beavers. By importing live cattle from off-world, they experimented with implanting an embryo in a large bull. The result was something totally unexpected and highly dangerous.

The Xenomorph that emerged was far larger than any of the previously seen chest-bursters and it quickly grew to a horrifically monstrous size. The beast was so large and powerful that it quickly escaped containment and numerous personnel were killed or injured.

It took a great deal of effort, but finally the creature was contained once again and remained so until all hell broke loose after the crash of the Sulaco and the destruction of the Saphora above the planet. When the Colonial Marines and the W-Y mercenary forces began to battle it out, it did not take long for the creature to once again escape its confinement.

The beast is so large and powerful it is speculated that it could quite easily take out a Queen or a Praetorean guard. It made short work of the APC’s that were sent in to deal with the W-Y mercenaries and the Colonial marines that were trying to reach one of the last drop-ships on the planet discovered that the massively thick cranium was all but impervious to small-arms fire. Only RPG’s, flame and explosives tended to penetrate the thick exoskeleton.

The only other way was to flank the creature and pour massive amounts of small-arms fire into its less-protected back and rear quarters. This still required a great deal of effort, as whenever the creature was attacked in such a manner, it would invariably turn on the attackers, bringing its massive skull to bear as protection. This meant that it required a great deal of effort and coordinated attacks by a squad of marines.

In combat the monster will charge. When it hits a target, the target must make a saving throw versus stun or be knocked prone and stunned for 1d4+1 rounds. The attack is particularly effective against vehicles, as it will cause massive structural damage and can often disable a lightly armored vehicle in two or three strikes.

Targets that have been knocked prone are subject to a trample attack, which gains a +6 to hit and if the roll is 16 or better on a d20, the damage inflicted is doubled. The creature does not have a claw attack, but it can bite and use its inner jaw, and it can also strike with its tail, although this is more of a last resort.

Thankfully the beast lacks the speed of its much smaller counterparts, and as long as someone does not run in a straight line, the charge attack of this monster can be avoided.

Chris Van Deelen is the author of the Skirmisher Publishing LLC sourcebook Creatures of the Tropical Wastes sourcebook, co-author of its Wisdom from the Wastelands game supplement and contributor to the 'Sword of Kos: Hekaton' Anthology.