Wyrmic Sorcery for Ragnarok: Age of Wolves

Clint Staples

In deep places within the earth, be they rocky lairs near smoking volcanic vents, or boggy subterranean lairs hollowed out by ancient magic, terrible creatures inimical to men lurk and plot. These are the the Children of the Great Wyrm, called Wyrmfolk by human beings. Wyrmfolk are a new warband and faction for Ragnarok: Age of Wolves.

Once the Children of the Great Wyrm were human beings. But long ago, they were corrupted by the proximity of a powerful wyrm, such that they have mutated beyond recognition, taking on the aspect of the wyrm yet retaining their humanoid form. Their minds too have been corrupted by the appetites of the one who blood has made them monstrous. No longer do they think or act like humans. Instead, Wyrmfolk are attuned to magic and power, seeking both even as they overthrow human mastery of the surface world.

Some wyrmfolk are subject to the wyrm from which they spawned. Others have thrown off that yoke, or been freed by the death of the monster they once served. They are the source of many legends that humans have of dangerous subterranean threats, and have been called kobold, hobgoblin, troll, or landvaettr. They are none of these. Many venerate the greatest of wyrms - Jormundgand, who will rise and unravel the order of the worlds set by hated Voden and his brothers when the cosmos was young. 

Just as other creatures have been stirred to action by the Fimblvintr, the Wyrmfolk have felt the change in the fabric of the Nine Worlds. Some have been summoned to action by their draconic masters. Others feel the rise of power and the shifting of fate in their favor. Still others fear what will become of them when Jormungand rises from the seabottom to clench Midgard in its length. When mountains crumble under his coils and the Middle World is broken, how will the Children of the Great Wyrm survive and prosper?


Wyrmic Sorcery:

Wyrmic Sorcery is the inherent magical power of Wyrmfolk, based on the innate power of wyrms over the tide of magic and the elements of which they partake. It works upon the same innate connection the wyrmic sorcerer has with elemental magic, and with the nature of magic itself. A new wyrmic sorcerer must choose a single element to infuse into her blood and bone. Often, this is chosen by the nature of the sorcerer in question, much as it is with trolls or giants. However, humans that learn wyrmic sorcery are not so limited, and even wyrmkin can overcome their inherent magical limitations with experience. 

All Wyrmic Sorcerers must choose one element as their Affinity Element. All elemental spells cast take on that element. A wyrmic sorcerer also chooses one of the following Tradition Abilities at Rank 1, and another at Rank 3. 

Tradition Abilities: Gain 1 at Elite rank, gain the other at Hero rank.

·      Magical Suppression: Wyrmfolk are masters of controlling and countering enemy spells. All Wyrmfolk sorcerers have Counterspell in addition to their other allotted spells. 

·      Select a second Affinity Element. Any elemental spells you cast may be of either element.        


New Spells available to Wyrmic Sorcery:

Elemental Blast: Range: 6” per mage rank   Magic Skill TN: Target’s Defense

You conjure and hurl a blast of your element (Chosen when you take the spell), inflicting an outright kill (OK) on a 16 or higher. Your blast has an additional elemental effect, as noted below. 

·      Earth: A target struck by your blast is knocked back directly away from you, 2” for each mage Rank you possess. If another target is in the way, it stops at that point and inflicts a +1 to Hit attack on each (No OK).

·      Air: The range of your blast is 8” per mage rank.

·      Fire: As the Spell: Helblast. 

·      Water: A target struck by your blast fights at -1 to Hit and -1 Defense in the next Melee Phase. 

·      Ice: A target struck by your blast cannot take normal movement in the next Movement Phase (it may still charge if otherwise able). 


Elemental Shield: Range: 3” per mage rank Magic Skill TN: 13

You conjure a shield of your element, which deflects enemy weapons. You may cast this on yourself, another character, or on up to four followers, within range. If you cast it on others, you must remain within range or the spell ends immediately. Each time the shielded individual is successfully struck, you may choose to make a Magic Challenge to negate the hit. You may negate a number of successful attacks equal to your Mage Rank, at which time the spell ends. You may not have this spell active more than once at any given time. You may cause it to cease whenever you wish. 


Slow (Air, Earth, Water): Range: 6” per mage rank  Magic Skill TN: Target’s Defense

You summon your element to slow and discomfit a number of enemy warriors. Designate one Character or up to four followers and make a Magic challenge against the Defense of Each target. If you equal or exceed the Defense, you reduce the Move of that warrior by 2” per mage rank each turn until your spell is countered, or you are taken out. You may not have this spell active more than once at any given time. You may cause it to cease whenever you wish. 


Elemental Thrall

This spell is identical to Summon Elemental. You may summon an elemental of your element. 


Sample Wyrmfolk Sorcerer: Thjassir Greysides

Thjassir is an experienced sorcerer, having ventured to the surface many times in pursuit of power. Though getting on in years, his energy is undiminished and he often lends his magical might to forays led by his protege, Seiric Ironwing, a powerful warrior and leader among the wyrmfolk sect known as the Children of the Green Wyrm. Thjassir has amassed a collection of magical implements that he carries with him. His scrolls and the Blooded Staff, Thjassir created himself. The Torrent Wand he took from the talon of a trollish witch.

Thjassir usually accompanies his young ally, Seiric Ironwing, as well as a small army of Wyrmfolk. Seiric, who values the magical might of his mentor, usually binds an ormlatr or two to him as a bodyguard. In another post, I will provide the details of Seiric and his retinue, as well as as a pdf of handy combat cards for all the characters, creatures and spells.  


Thjassir Greysides - Elite (Rank 2) Light Wyrmfolk Sorcerer

Move 7                     Charge 1d6+6”

Defense 13

Blooded Staff, Class 3, +2 to Hit, OK 16

·    If the Staff inflicts an OK, wielder regains 1 Health

Torrent Wand: Water Blast

·    +2 to Hit, Range 12”, OK 16, TN: Def

Target -1 to Hit, Defense next Melee Phase

Tradition Ability: Water Sorcery: Magical Suppression


Slow, Range 12”, TN: Def, -4” Move

Heal; Range 12”, TN: 10/14, Heal 1, or 2 Health within range. 

Scroll: Summon Water Elemental

Magic Items: Any of Thjassir's magic items may be claimed if Thjassir is killed or taken out, by spending a Movement, Magic and Missiles, or Melee phase next to his body. Those claimed may be used by others according to the restrictions below. In a campaign game, they might also be claimed in future games by the one who took them, and (of course) lost to Thjassir (though he could create new scrolls. And in time, replace his Blooded Staff).

  • Blooded Staff - Usable by any. The magic of the staff transfers life energy from the target to the wielder and requires no magical ability to work.
  • Torrent Wand - Usable by any mage. The Torrent Wand is a device of sorcery, but may be used by any who can wield magic.
  • Scroll - Any mage of Rank 2 or higher can decipher and use a scroll.