Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue: 8 Diseases and Medical options

Chris Van Deelen

This bonus content for Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue: 8 Diseases and Medical Options contains several new diseases that have not appeared anywhere else. I always felt that there should have been a few more diseases included in the original publication, but as is the case both page and word count nixed that idea.

Also, one thing that I found missing in the core book was a saving throw chart for disease. I know that those making saves would instead use the poison table, but it was something that just bugged me.

So, as I am apt to do, I created my own.

Some may think that the saves are rather hard, but in my humble opinion, next to radiation, disease would be a very common hazard in the wastelands and as such would be quite deadly.

Here is a chart that ended up being cut from the issue and I hope that people might like to use.

Disease saving throw Table



















Delicate Bone Syndrome

Save modifier: +2
Infection Duration: 1 week
Affected Stats: STR -1, DEX -1
Damage per day: 1d4

Description: This bacteria feeds off the calcium in the victim’s bones and as a result the bones become brittle and are far more susceptible to breaking. During the period the victim is fighting off the disease they will suffer double damage from any impact damage they sustain. It should be noted that this only affects creatures that have a bone structure that uses calcium for its basic building material. Once the disease has been eliminated, the victim will continue to suffer from double damage for 1d6+1 days as the body slowly rebuilds the bones.

Symptoms: Fatigue, pain

Quivering Muscles

Save modifier: -1
Infection Duration: 1 day
Affected Stats: DEX -2
Damage per day: 1d6

Description: This virus attacks the nervous system in the limbs. As a result, the victim’s arms and legs (or whatever limbs it is using) visibly shake and shudder at all times. On top of that the limbs tend to become grotesquely inflamed and puffy.  This results in a reduction in the victims movement rate by 50%, and on top of the reduction in Dexterity, they also lose any AC bonus derived from a high Dexterity stat.

Symptoms: Fatigue, Headaches, Inflammation of limbs, Pain.


Save modifier: -2
Infection Duration: 3 days
Affected Stats: DEX -1, STR -3
Damage per day: 1d4

Description: A virus that targets the muscles and ligaments in the limbs and joints. It slowly deteriorates the affected areas causing a loss in both Strength and a tightening of the ligaments, causing the limb to bend very slowly and painfully, almost as if it was locked in place. Numerous pustules erupt over the victim’s body as well. This causes a loss of Dexterity. On top of the penalties derived from the symptoms, the victim will suffer a loss of all bonuses to damage from a high Strength statistic. To make matters even worse, any damage inflicted