Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue: 6 Factions Bonus Content

Chris Van Deelen

Shortly after the release of Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #6: Factions one reviewer stated that he was disappointed with the lack of actual rules.

Here are some basic rules that anyone can easily incorporate into the factions. For future issues (or source books, as I am in the stages of planning one) I will ensure that all entries will follow the guidelines I have created.

Also I have included a list of possible new languages that may be encountered in the wastelands, and an expanded intelligence chart.

Geographical Location:
All factions have a geographical location, be it in a specific city, ruin, state or other similar location, up to cross-country or even globally. On top of that, factions that have numerous locations will often have a main base or home territory that will be exceedingly important to the faction.
Average Community Size:
Like Geographical location, size of communities is important. This entry is for just that, mentioning the average size of a community, also how small they can be up to the largest communities that will be found.
Each faction will have one or multiple resources at their disposal. This could be anything from manpower to providing food, lodging, medical help and so forth. Often members of the faction will be required to provide resources or at least help in locating the resources, and at the same time will be willing to provide resources to faction members for a reduced cost.
Allowed Races:
Certain factions will only allow certain races to join. For example, a faction that despises mutants will only be open to Pure humans and Humans, while one that is dedicated to Furries will only allow Exotics to join, or mutants that appear to be animal human amalgamations.
Requirements to join:
Almost all factions will have specific requirements to join their ranks. This can be anything from paying a monthly or yearly due, to going on quests to retrieve artifacts or needed resources, to killing a hated faction enemy. In order to join a faction, the potential member must accomplish the specified task.
Benefits of membership:
After a person has joined a faction, there will be benefits. Like resources, this can be cheaper goods, access to safe houses, medical attention, or even martial help. This also covers things like bonuses to various stats or combat, saving throws, and the like.  Typically the bonuses will have specific requirements, such as a +1 to hit against mutants. Not all factions will provide bonuses.
Possible Drawbacks:
As with benefits, there could very well be drawbacks to joining a faction. This could be something like being hated by non-mutants, to having to give up the use of technology, to negatives in combat, saving throws and the like. As with Benefits, not all factions will have drawbacks to membership.
Membership dues:
Although covered briefly in the requirements outline, most factions will require something from their members. This can be simply paying fees to providing resources, martial aid, lodging and so forth.
Faction Relations:
This will