Wednesday's Wondrous Works #5 - Demon Hunter Tattoo

Chris Van Deelen

Demon Hunter Tattoo

Aura: faint abjuration (good); (CL): 5th

Slot: None; Price:18,000; Weight: N/A

Description: Although the name is a bit of a misnomer, this tattoo became quite common among rangers and others, especially those who happen to deal with demons and other such evil creatures. The tattoo is typically created using angelic script, and more often than not is found on the face, although it can be located anywhere on the body. When activated (a swift action), the target is under the protection of a protection from evil spell. The effects last for 5 minutes, and it can only be activated once per day.  It has been said that there is an evil version of this, created by mages who deal with those of good alignment on a regular basis.

Construction: Craft wondrous item; Cost: 9,000

Special note and credit to Shadow696 for the wonderful image!