Weather Mage (OGL Prestige Class)

Brenda Cass

(Snow, Rain, Fog, Sleet, etc)


Storm (Snow storm, Thunderstorm, Dust storm, etc.)


Powerful Storm (Windstorm, Blizzard, Hurricane, Tornado, etc.)



Weather the Storm (Su)

At 3rd level, a Weather Mage is treated as though permanently under the effects of an Endure Elements spell. This ability can be suppressed or resumed at will, Dispel Magic suppresses this ability for an hour.


Calm Before the Storm (Ex)

At 5th level, the Weather Mage has learned to find order in inclement weather. While in any form of weather other than normal, the Weather Mage need not make concentration checks to determine if his spells will succeed when combat casting.


Shelter From the Storm (Su)

At 7th level the Weather Mage’s ability to resist the elements is shared with allies. All allies within a 20’ radius of the Weather Mage gain the advantage of his Weather the Storm ability.


Climate Change (Su)

At 10th level, a Weather Mage is so in tune with the weather that he can slowly change the climate of a region. If a Weather Mage remains in the same three mile radius for a month he may choose to change the climate of that area from Cold to Temperate, Temperate to Cold or Desert, or Desert to Temperate. The climate change begins immediately after the first month, and takes 2d6 weeks to complete. During this time, there is a perpetual Heat Wave (if changing the climate from Temperate to Desert or from Cold to Temperate) or Cold Snap (if changing the climate from Desert to Temperate, or Temperate to Cold). There is a 10% chance that each day during the Climate Change period will be accompanied by a powerful storm if there isn’t already one in effect.