The Wand o' Wonder for 5e

William T. Thrasher
I'd laugh that.

Your item seems pretty wondrous, but it could be wondrouser. Take the wand of wonder, which by virtue of its name should be the most wondrous thing in the multiverse. But mixed among its exploding bubbles and projectile gems are a whole bunch of conventional spells and rudementary magical effects. If you want a wand that's truly unpredictable, why not drop the new and improved wand o' wonder into your campaign?

Wand o' Wonder

Wand, rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This wand, which resembles a jester's marotte, has 7 charges. It regains 1d6 + 1 expended charges each day at dawn.. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges and choose a target within 120 feet of you. The target can be a creature, object, or a point of space. Roll a d20 and consult the following table to see what happens.

d20 Effect

1) You and your target switch places, each facing the other regardless of your original orientation.

2) The wand produces 1d8x darts of magical force as per the spell magic missile. Each dart muts a creature of your choice that you can see within range of the wand, but at least one dart must hit your original target.

3) A pit with an opening 10 feet wide opens up under your target. The pit is 1d4 x 10 feet deep. Roll 1d6 to determine what is at the bottom of the pit: 1) bare earth, 2) spikes, 3) lava, 4) punji sticks. Spikes inflict 11(2d10) piercing damage to a falling creature. A creature that enters the lava for the first time on a turn or stars its its turn in lava takes 22 (4d10) fire damage. Punji sticks deal 5 (1d10) damage to a falling creature, and the creature damaged by the sticks contracts filth fever on a failed DC 15 Constitution save.

4) You summon a crawling claw that appears at the feet of your target. You can use a bonus action to command how the crawling claw moves and what action it takes on its next turn, or to give it general orders. In the absence of such orders, the crawling claw peruses and attacks your initial target.

5) A jet of multicolored bubbles shoot from the wand and surround your target. Other than being generally pretty, the bubbles have no effect.

6) A companion within 60 feet of your gains advantage on all attack rolls against your intended target for 1d4 rounds.

7) A stream of coins (1d20 copper pieces, 1d12 silver pieces, 1d10 electrum pieces, and 1d8 gold pieces) shoots from the wand’s tip in a line 40 feet long and 5 feet wide. Each coin deals 1 bludgeoning damage, and the total damage of the coins is divided equally among all creatures in the line.

8) You teleport to any unoccupied space you can see within the wand’s range.

9) Your target transmogrifies into another random creature as per the spell reincarnate. If the reincarnate table results in the target’s current race, their race does not change and instead their appearance changes so drastically they become unrecognizable.

10) The wand projects a field that disrupts magical energy, granting you advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects, and spell attacks have disadvantage against you. This effect persists until you next use the wand o’ wonder or are no longer holding it.

11) A light drizzle of salt water rains down upon an area with a radius of 30 feet centered on your target’s space for 1d4 rounds. All unprotected metal objects exposed to the rain rust away as per a rust monsters rust metal and antennae abilities.

12) You and up to six companions you can see are teleported to an extradimensional dwelling as per the spell magnificent mansion. This dwelling persists for 8 hours or until you spend another charge from the wand to dismiss it, whichever comes first. Occupants of the dwelling may take a long rest even if they have benefited from a long rest within the past 24 hours. When the dwelling’s duration ends, all occupants are returned to their original locations finding no time has passed since they entered the dwelling.

13) All food and water within your target’s space spoils. If a creature within that space has eaten within the last hour, they are poisoned for 1d6 rounds. They can attempt a DC 20 Constitution saving throw at the start of each of their turns to end this condition.

14) Butterflies, hummingbirds, and other brightly colored flying creatures emerge from your target’s mouth for 1d4x rounds. Your target cannot speak, cast spells with verbal components, or use any abilities or take any actions dependent upon speech or singing. Additionally, your target cannot drink or eat.

15) Your target is tagged with a supernatural marker. Until you use the wand again, you are aware of the target’s exact location and status, and your target gains no benefit from any cover less than total cover against your attacks, spell attacks, and abilities that are normally impeded by cover.

16) The plant nearest your target grows, uproots itself, and animates (use awakened tree stats). You have no control over this plant, which is hostile to your target.

17) You heal 1d100 hit points divided however you wish between any creatures or objects/structures of your choice within 60 feet. You cannot heal yourself in this way.

18) 1d6+1 fake serpents spring forth from the wand’s tip, landing in random spaces within a cone 15 feet long. Every turn thereafter at the start of your turn one of the fake serpents turns into a real snake - equal chance constrictor or poisonous, choose randomly - under your control. These snakes persist until reduced to 0 hit points or you next use the want, whichever comes first.

19) All of your target’s clothes, including armor and worm magic items, teleport simultaneously 5 feet to your target’s left.

20) Magical force spins your target like a top for 1d4 rounds. While spinning, your target has disadvantage on attack rolls, Dexterity saves, and concentration checks, and their speed is reduced to 10.