Vampire, Hive-Mind

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 4d10
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 6
HD: 4
Attacks: 1 bite or 2 bashes
Damage: 1d6+3 / 1d4 / 1d4
Save: L4
Morale: N/A
Hoard Class: N/A

There are many different types of creatures that haunt the wastelands that seem to be supernatural in nature. Many are just mutants, others were created through the use of nanotechnology and some were even created through the use of modified viruses.

This particular breed of blood-drinking creature appear to be more like Ghouls of myth than the vampires of myth. They are generally fairly small and look almost skeletal. The bodies are always hunched and they never stand up straight. The flesh is onyx-black, and the eyes are even blacker, allowing them to stand out against the dark flesh. They are utterly hairless and do not wear clothing. The creatures teeth have become twisted and rotted, almost like that of a long-time drug addict, but can still bite.

These creatures are also shockingly weak. They cannot batter through barricades, nor can they do much physical damage when they do engage in combat. What makes them incredibly deadly is that they regenerate so fast they can shake off the worst damage and come back fighting.

And their bite infects.

There are two possible effects when they bite someone. First the bite can infect the victim with the same virus that re-writes their genetic code and turns them into one of these beasts. The other is it will put the victim into a coma-like state, allowing the creatures to take them back to their lairs to be used in a type of blood-farm, allowing the members of the pack to feed off the victim almost indefinitely.

Anyone killed by the bite of these creatures will turn into one, transforming over 2d4 hours, losing all extra mass, becoming skeletal, the hair will sluff off, and the skin will turn black. The teeth with fall out and will be replaced by the twisted and unsightly incisors that the creatures use to bite. They will then rise and join the pack.

The creature can likewise choose to infect the victim with a type of poison that will render them completely unconscious. The victim is allowed a saving throw versus poison and if it fails, they will be placed in a coma-like state. This will last for 72 hours, and can be renewed at any time by the bite of one of the creatures. If a victim is not bitten, they will awaken after 72 hours.

Those kept in the blood farms will remain in this state as long as they are bitten. The body will lose 1 point of Strength and Dexterity per week until they reach zero, at which point the body will die and then rise as a new creature. Anyone rescued from these creatures before this happens will awaken and as long as they are given adequate food and water, will regain their lost Stats at their natural healing rate per day.

In combat, these creatures are uncanny. They use tactics. They will even sacrifice newer members of the pack as a distraction in order to sneak up from behind or to take advantage of flanking or other similar situations.

When they are damaged in combat, they will automatically regenerate 8 points of damage per round, even if dropped below zero hit-points. The only damage they cannot regenerate from is fire or acid. If they come into contact with silver or Ultraviolet radiation, they are instantly killed by the touch. When this happens, the bodies turn to ash, leaving behind the skeletons.

They will also continue to fight, no matter the odds, even to the very last member of a pack. The reason is that they are part of a hive-mind, controlled by a more evolved member of the species. These leaders are always easily distinguished from the rest, as they stand fully erect, do not appear as emaciated as the others, and have blue eyes instead of black. These beings are also telepathic, able to control their minions with the greatest of ease. They also possess a form of precognition, allowing them to force their minions into harm’s way, forcing the minion to take the attack instead of it hitting them. They can use this up to 4 plus 1d6 times per round, when encountering opponents that use ranged attacks.

They are likewise able to plant suggestions into the minds of those who are nearby, often forcing them to act against their companions. They will automatically know who has the lowest Will Power score and target them with this attack. If it succeeds, the target will take the next round to do whatever the creature demands of it. The creature has the quickmind mutation, allowing it to make two mental attacks per round, one being the precognition, the other the ability to charm a target into ding what it demands.

Other than being able to stand erect and use these mental mutations, the leader of these creatures have the same statistics as the rest.

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), bizarre appearance, metaconcert (modified), neural telepathy, possession (modified), precognition

Source: Purge of Babylon (2014)