Undying, Glowing

Chris Van Deelen


Also, these creatures are able to store hard radiation in their bodies, which they can release as powerful bursts. This costs the creatures hit points and they suffer 3d6 points of damage each time they use the attack. The bursts are radiation class 10 (which is deadly in on its own) and on top of that they cause 6d6 heat damage to anything within 30’ of the creature.

When the Glowers engage in combat they like to close and engage any targets they can find. Like the feral Undying, they attempt to bite and eat their targets, despite the fact that they gain no nutritional value from the consumption of flesh.

Unlike the feral Undying, victim’s exposed to the toxins that these mutants carry will not have to worry about the possibility of being transformed into one of these creatures. Scholars theorized that because of this, the population of these horrific mutants would diminish over time. Sadly, that isn’t the case. It is speculated that these creatures cannot be killed unless they are physically removed from a radiation zone. Even if reduced to below zero hit points it is speculated that the monsters are regenerated by the radiation over time.

Another reason that the population has not diminished is because they are still coming into existence as a result of pure humans, humans (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 4 ) or mutant humans being exposed to the toxins and the high levels of hard radiation that is found commonly in the ruins of the Ancients.

Sometimes these mutants are found with the feral Undying and they will use their radiation burst to heal their brethren.  This sudden burst of intense radiation will instantly heal any undying for 10 hit points.

Mutations: Bizarre appearance(d), extended life span, immunity to radiation and all toxins, toxic weapon (radiation burst).

Source: Fallout 3