Tracking Rune: A Divination Spell for Pathfinder

William T. Thrasher
Track this!


School divination; Level cleric 3, ranger 2, witch 3

Casting Time 1 minute

Components V, S, M (hair from a hunting dog)

Range touch

Target 1 creature or object touched

Duration 1 day/level (D)

You mark the target with a rune that blazes into existence, then becomes invisible. For the remaining duration of the spell you can always, as a standard action, determine the approximate distance and direction of the target marked with the rune. You cannot determine the location of the target if you and the target are on different planes. The location of the target counts as "very familiar" for the purposes of teleport or similar spells. You can only maintain one rune of tracking at a time. If you cast the spell on another target you lose the ability to locate your original target.