Swords of Kos Pre-Generated Characters for Cards & Quests

Fox And Ox Creations
We are hard at work getting ready for ComicPalooza on Memorial Day weekend.  In preparation for this, I've made some pre-generated Cards & Quests characters we will be using for demos and any adventures we run during the convention.  I've taken the characters from the awesome Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign books!   I am sure some of you are familiar with the adventures of Paros and Parthenia in Swords of Kos: Necropolis.  As I read that book, I was really excited to start stating them up for Cards & Quests.  The rest of the characters can be found in many of the other Swords of Kos publications such as Lives of Kos, Kos City, and Hekaton to name a few.  One character is not found in the publications, but her family is.  I've added a female Fire Primary character named Raida Tocci, and her family is notorious in Kos CIty.     Each character has a different Primary Element: AnnePieger -- Lake Glaucus -- Earth Hipparchus -- Thunder Memnos -- Heaven Paros -- Wind Parthenia -- Mountain Raida Tocci -- Fire Regulus -- Water   I hope you enjoy these characters for your own adventures!  If you have any questions, let me know.   --Allison Markello, Fox & Ox Creations