State of the Commonwealth - More Psionics: The Mindblade!

Clint Staples

So in a universe in which psionics play a significant part, and in which the default player character is a knight or other agent in a chivalric order devoted to the security of the realm - in this case, the Commonwealth, it should come as no surprise that there would be a psionic power like Mindblade. What follows are the playtest rules for the Mindblade psychic power.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, Mindblade originated among the honorbound duellists - the Sagati Warlocks. But when Pembrokian Humanity was welcomed into the Commonwealth, it was only a matter of time before the power attracted human adherents. In the centuries that followed, psyche among the Knights-Marshal often see the great utility of a blade that can never be taken away. 


Mindblade, 1 to 5 ranks [Cryo/ Electro/ Pyro/ -kinesis or Telekinesis]: You can manifest a projection of devastatingly potent energy. A Mindblade appears in the hands of its creator, who can then wield it as a melee weapon. When this power is taken, the player should determine the appearance and color of the Mindblade. For example, Pyrokinetic mindblades would appear as writhing lengths of yellow, orange or red energy, rippling with flames, while telekinetic manifestations tend to a more solid seeming, almost like  a physical sword or polearm, usually in white, blue or purple. All manifestations give off light sufficient to see by, or be seen, easily.

The Mindblade may be manifested as a move action, checks Fatigue when used to attack, and does x1 damage per rank of Mindblade. Each rank in the power also grants up to 1 square [5 feet] of Close Combat Reach to a maximum of 3 [15 feet], allowing the manifestor to adjust the size and reach of the blade to suit her needs, anywhere from the size of a knife to the length of a glaive or spear. The Mindblade counts as Armor Piercing, reducing the effectiveness of Armor by ½, but has no such effect on force fields.

Each round the Mindblade is used to attack, the manifestor checks Fatigue. Usually this would be done using the attack roll with the Psi-Blade, but may require a separate roll, depending on the actions of the manifestor.

Because the Mindblade is a psychic manifestation, it gains bonus damage from the manifestor’s choice of Brawn or Mind. Any talents, advantages, or similar that apply to an appropriate melee weapon also apply to a Mindblade.


Ser Reetha Shartar, a White Art [Telekinetic] psyche, hunting a fugitive in the slums of Sunset Destiny, the sprawling megalopolis on Blue Pariah, stumbles across a carnivorous pig currently enjoying the remains of said fugitive. In an instant, the territorial animal charges and the Knight-Marshal has just enough time to manifesting her Mindblade 3 as a blue-white great sword [with Reach 2] as she stumbles backward, striking the charging pig before it can close with her. As a three point power, her Mindblade’s fatigue rating is Moderate. She rolls a 6 and a 2 for her attack roll. Since one of her dice is a 2 [the Threshold for Moderate Fatigue is 2 or less] her Fatigue rises by 1. Reetha has Weapon Technique 1: Accuracy - Mindblade, so her Multiplier is x5 to hit. The resulting 40 hits easily. The damage for her Mindblade is 3, modified by her Mind 4, for a devastating x7 damage weapon! The pig may not even get close enough to attack.

          If Ser Reetha had the Double Strike power, she could have attacked twice for a reduction in accuracy and a second Fatigue Check.